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Monday, January 23, 2012

Baptism Week!!

January 23, 2012
Hey everyone!
How are you all doing?????

This week was great because we had some baptisms!! Nicolas and Christian were baptized, taking upon them the name of Jesus Christ. They are studs. They are spiritually mature for their ages. 
We have been teaching Abigail's mom, Jesica, and have had a lot of success with her. Abigail is the 12 year-old cousin of a member who has come to church twice in a row who decided to get baptized, but her mom, Jesica, told us that she doesnt want her to. We planned an appointment with Jesica and we have been teaching her now. The reason she didnt want Abigail to get baptized was because she was already baptized when she was a baby.  This week we had a lesson with her where we read Moroni 8 together. Afterward everything was crystal clear :) and Jesica actually told us that she would also like to be baptized if she has the chance. We were like, "this is your chance!" She wasnt able to come to church because she works on Sundays during church at the moment...but we are going to see what can be done, so Abigail and Jesica can get baptized together. It was neat because in the lessons with Jesica, she talked a lot about how this church makes her FEEL. She feels happy and peaceful always when she shares with us and her dad's funeral was in our church and she kept talking about how peaceful she felt during it. Abigail went on the young womens camp and she loved it so we are excited to talk to her about that as well!

We taught Nicolas and Christian about tithing, the word of wisdom, and the law of chastity this week and they are both willing to live them. The blessings that come from the commandments are so precious. We need them in our life to be happy! And as a result of Christian and Nicolas (and Marcelo a few weeks ago) getting baptized, the whole family has remembered there covenants and are reactivating. We are stoked. Even Nicolas' sister who is gothic came to the baptism and is changing. She told me that she wants to learn how to play the piano better (because I played at the baptism) so we are going to teach her the piano and the gospel at the same time! :) She is the only grandchild that isnt baptized who lives in our area. Also, Nicolas' mom came back to church for the first time in more than ten years...in church, when they were confirmed, she was there, and a few members who knew her came up and hugged her so hard because they were so happy to see her. Also, Nathalie, the youngest daughter of the grandma of Nicolas and Christian, whose birthday it is today actually, brought her boyfriend and now we are teaching him! He is awesome. He loved the baptism and church...but, in his own words, he is a "beer fanatic", so we will have to work with him a little bit on that one! This is going to be a hard family to say good bye to when I have to leave this area! They are great! 

We gave a blessing to the son of our ward mission leader. He got sick suddenly and had to go to the hospital. he was screaming in the hospital but right when we gave him the blessing, he stopped crying and went to sleep....I thought he died for a second. just kidding. But it was very special and I know the priesthood is the power of God on the earth. 
The members here are awesome. Brother Kiger, our ward mission leader, was baptized about a year and 3 months ago, and he is awesome! The best ward mission leader I have seen! The night before the baptism, he was visiting all of the members inviting them to the baptism and helping us find people to give short talks at the baptism. I almost wanted to cry (literally) of happiness after he said he was visiting the members inviting them. THAT is how we should be as members! Fulfilling our callings!

Tender Mercy- This week I was thinking about some converts and members from other areas and how much I miss them and love them.....I just had a warm feeling come over me that they are alright. I havent been able to visit a single convert from any of my past areas....its rough not being able to, but I have faith that one day I WILL see them again! Hopefully sooner than later. The gospel is true and it will change your life for the better. 

Well, it was a good week and I am out of time. Hope to hear from you all soon! Send me a message!

Love, Elder Gomez


-Family night with several members. 
-Silvia, recent convert, with her daughter Nicole next to her, who you cant see, with nicole's two kids. Nicole is getting baptized on February 11th, with the french fries and meat that she made us for lunch. They were so good. With Elder Pond (on an interchange)
-Me, Elder Strait, with Marcelo and Christian.
-Us with our investigator, Viviana, who is getting baptized on March 11th. She has in her hand a paper with her hour for her marriage secured for March 10th! :)
-Baptism, the Gonzalez family. Nicolas with glasses, Cristian with dark hair. 
-Us and the boys

-Lunch after the baptism with the Gonzalez family
-Nicolas' sisters, Dianne and Carol, with Carol's boyfriend.
-100 year old man who we tracted into. He was awesome. He knew a LOT about the church!
-Me with an investigator, Diego, and his friend.
-Me with some random kids who started following us one day while we were knocking doors, and they wanted to help us..they actually did because they told us a lot about each neighbor before we knocked on the door, so we had a headstart.

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