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Saturday, January 7, 2012

Happy New Year from Elder Gomez

Jan 2, 2012
I can't believe that its already 2012!!!

Good news, this week was great! Very very busy! Earlier in the week, we had a family night with a member family with three investigators and a recent convert. It was excellent! We read Alma 50:1-4 and they drew what they heard, then we talked about today, and the spiritual battle that we go through, and how we can fortify our spirits. 
Here's something funny/random...I dont know if I've ever mentioned this before, but every Monday of this transfer, us and the missionaries who live with us, have a yogurt challenge. We see who can chug a  liter of yogurt the fastest. My companion has dominated us all every time. This time he set a record of 11 seconds!
well, enough with the funniness....

One day this week we were walking and passed an elderly lady in the street. We started talking to her and she was in pain, because of her feet. She had on these tight sandals and she had some giant bumps on her feet. She said the sandals were hurting her, but she has to wear them because they were a present from her daughter. We took her to a place where they sell shoes and got her a pair of crocs. She was so grateful and happy. We were happy to be able to do that service for her. Something so simple but it makes a huge difference in the lives of people. Hopefully we can all be alert for the little acts of service we can do to change people's lives.

This week we helped a recent convert move. I can tell you one thing, there some risky people here! Silvia (recent convert), and another sister in the ward, loaded up the truck, but there was no back part of the truck...It had walls on the side, but absolutely nothing on the back, no tailgate of door or anything... I was looking for a strap or bungie cords or something but nope, they just wanted to go without anything on back! I said to myself, "dad would not approve!" ha ha. There was a fridge and an oven right on the back....I was scared that they would fall off on the highway!!! I was nervous....Silvia said "you two, of all people, should have faith!" I thought immediately "faith minus works is dead!" Ha ha. But anyway, I share this story to stress the importance of prayer, and to testify that prayers are answered. I was praying so hard the whole way that nothing would fall! And we made it alright. I was relieved. Prayer is real!  

We had interviews with President Martinez this week which went really well. And on Friday, we went to a zone leaders counsel far in the wilderness. We went through a place called Victoria, and through Curacautin, and up the mountain until we got to a beautiful country house of a couple members. It was so beautiful. We had a devotional and were trained by our leaders. I know that mission presidents are called of God. President Martinez teaches with such spirit! Then we ate a giant BBQ. I have had so much steak lately it's great! Afterward, we went up to a volcano and to a lagoon! We had a good time, then we came back and ate watermelon. Me and my companion had the opportunity to drive back up to Los Angeles in the middle of the night with the Martinezes! They have three kids, one 11 year old, one seven year old, and a 5 year old. My eyes were opened at how much the Lord blesses President Martinez. He should technically be SO TIRED! He has been doing so many things like you couldnt imagine! But at the same time, if you are in his presence, he wont show even the smallest sign of being tired. He's so interested in EVERYONE with sincere love. Read D&C 84:33 and you'll understand. 

We got the news of transfers. Me and Elder Strait are staying together for another transfer. The zone is going to be really new so we will have obedient missionaries with the will to work hard!! 
Also, Elder McConnell got called to be a zone leader also, so we will be seeing each other more often! 

On New Years eve, a miracle happened. We didnt have anything planned for the evening, and we went to Marcelo's house, our investigator who was going to get baptized this week. Him and his mom have now come to church for three Sundays and are completely active again! The only problem was the rest of his family, the Gonzalez family. They werent not very open to us and they didnt want Marcelo to get baptized apparently. We just ignored it and still act like they are our best friends, and they let us in for New Years eve. then they invited us to eat with them, then we started talking about he baptism, THEN they ALL commited to go on Sunday to see Marcelo's baptism! Remember, just a few hours ago they wouldnt go to church. The best part is, they DID come! On Sunday, yesterday, they all came and Marcelo was baptized. And the miracle is, in sacrament meeting, Cristian, Marcelo's 10 year old cousin, decided to prepare for baptism as well, so now he will be baptized on the 21st! We are very excited! Such a miracle for a famly who didnt want anything just a few days before. I know that the only thing in the world that can bring such a change of heart is the Holy Ghost. That is why I am here, so people can receive this amazing gift. I am so blessed to be the instrument through the which God works miracles.

Tender Mercy-. The Lord blessing us with success with the Gonzalez family. We prayed for them a lot and prayers are answered.
I love you all! Take care this year!....because It might be the last!....no, just kidding :)

Elder Gomez

-Me, Elder Strait, volcano
-Me with President and Sister Martinez at the Lagoon
-Me putting the trunk on my shoulders.
-Family Gonzalez on New Years Eve

-baptismal photos, Gonzales family

-Valenzuela family, with Elder Filamita, from Argentina. Elder Filamita just left this morning to his country! He finished his mission. This family we are teaching and the mom was recently baptized and now we are working with her kids.
-lunch with the Villagran family, on New years day. 

-The four that lived in our house. The tall latin finishes his mision today.
-Me and the sisters in my zone. The one with freckles left today for her house. 

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