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Monday, January 16, 2012

Today's Dallin Email

January 16, 2012
This week I have felt very blessed! I have been praying a lot for different random things and I feel like so many prayers are being answered. We were able to help our investigators in many ways. Or I should say, through us, God was able to do many amazing things.
The first things are blessings of health. We gave two priesthood blessings this week, one to a little boy and one to Nichole, our investigator. The blessing we gave to Maximiliano was amazing. He was sick and he was screaming and screaming and screaming, and RIGHT before we put our hands upon his head to annoint him, he calmed all the way down and stopped crying completely. Such a strong testimony of the power of the priesthood plus faith. After we gave Nichole her blessing with the bishop and the ward mission leader, she was smiling so big like she had just won a million dollars! She doesnt smile a ton so it was awesome!
Also, on Monday night we had a family night and the nonmember dad of the family said that the blessing we gave the week before worked because his son, Vicente, completely healed afterward. Too bad the man doesnt believe in God! But I think this helped him a lot. This man, Claudio (Vicente's dad) is a good guy and he's really smart. He reads all the time, but he doesnt use his intelligent right. He likes our church a lot, especially as a good place for Vicente to grow up in, but he doesnt believe. Like I said, he reads a lot. He has a HUGE library full of books, incuding much of the church library. He said he has read ALL of the books! I pointed to Jesus the Christ, "yep" he said. I pointed to the Bible..."yep"....then I pointed to the triple (the Book of Mormon, D&C, and Pearl of Great Price) he said.."...........that one no...." ha ha! The ONE book he should read out of all of them! He has read everything except that one. So....we are going to focus on him reading the Book of Mormon. I testify of the power of the Book of Mormon. It is SO IMPORTANT. I guarantee you that nobody has ever left this church unless they FIRST stopped reading the Book of Mormon every day. I guarantee it! Because it has such an amazing spirit with it. PLEASE READ IT!!!!!!!!!!!

Well....last week I mentioned that we found a lot of new investigators....well...this week we found even more! We are being so blessed, and I know that it is a result of fasting and prayer. Faith plus fasting plus prayer equals miracles. We were able to go with some young men this week to teach, which was great. One young man, Felipe, was a huge help to us. Felipe is 22 years old and he has a little bit of a disability. He has sight problems and hearing problems because he was in an accident which left him in acoma for a month, but now he's all good...and with a strong testimony! With him, we were able to set a baptismal date with Nicolas, a twelve year old cousin of Marcelo, our last baptism. Nicolas' mom has been inactive for many years and she hasnt really wanted anything to do with the church, but finally she has let Nicolas choose what religion he wants to participate in. Nicolas is amazingly smart and he reads the Bible every night! He has gone to many different churches also, but he told us that when he's in ours, he feels a peaceful security that it is right, and he feels really happy when he comes to church. Cristian is another one of the three cousins... I'll just tell you so it's not so confusing. There are three cousins: Marcelo 9, Cristian 10, and Nicolas 12. They are the sons of 3 sisters, Ana, Sandra, and Carol, who are part of 6 siblings, who are the children of Gladys Gonzalez, the grandma. They are ALL members, reactivating. Carol and Ana also have other older daugthers, but they arent baptized. We are trying to get them interested also. This whole family is the Gonzalez family....they have been inactive and bitter for many many years now, but all they needed was just a lot of love and positiveness. We are excited. Nicolas and Cristian are both getting baptized this week and they are both spiritual giants so that's cool.

On the day of our fast, we got a random call from one of our recent converts, Silvia. Her daugther is Nichole 20, the one we gave a blessing to. Silvia said a bunch of stuff, and finally at the end of the conversation she said, "oh yeah, Nichole wants to get baptized on February 11th." OK!! (we were fasting for her to be able to have a baptismal date because she's been very stubborn!)

The investigators who we found last week, Francisco and Eliana, werent very loud this week....as in, Francisco went out of town and Eliana was busy all week, but we are going to pick it back up with them this week. We have a lot of high hopes for Francisco.

This week we found Beda, Jorge, and Natalia, some amazing people. We knocked on their door and Jorge 40 let us in and we were sitting in their side garage area and Beda 64, Jorge's mom, and Jorge were talking to us. Beda is more stubborn with her faith. She doesnt believe in religions because she has had bad experiences. Someone told her that we worship Joseph Smith and dont worship God, so that put her off a little also. Beda is a really cool lady. She does all sorts of sports, she does all sorts of stuff like sewing stitching....etc etc, and lots of other stuff...basically everything... so we asked if we could say a prayer so they let us in their house and we started sharing the restoration of the gospel with them. We got to Joseph Smith and we related the first vision and Jorge got a little teary eyed and Beda was looking so attentively. We asked how they felt and Beda said that she had to share a story with us that she doesnt tell anyone because its so special and personal, but she told us and it was really amazing. She believes the first vision. She said she feels like its true. They she randomly said in the middle of the lesson, "you know what? when you were praying, I felt this warm feeling in my heart. It was just amazing." I dont know exactly what I did, but I'm sure if you were watching me you would see me with my mouth hanging open. Ha ha. The spirit is awesome and its real! Beda had to go to Pucon this week, so we will teach her and Jorge when we get home. Natalia is 14 and she is Beda's granddaughter. She walked in towards the end of the lesson and was interested in the lesson, so now we will teach her too!

We had a visit by Elder Corbridge, of the 70, this week. It was an amazing conference where we were trained by a true servant of the Lord. He came down from the pulpit and he sat down in front of me facing me (I was on the front row) and he did a practice with me. He invited me to go to church. It was cool to do a practice with a seventy! Ha ha. I would write more about what he said but I dont have time. Just know that it was good!

As zone leaders, me and Elder Strait have decided that we must be the examples in everything, so we worked our tails off and it was awesome! As a result, we had 7 investigators in church and we have 5 with baptismal dates. The closest will be Cristian and Nicolas.

By the way, I just want to touch a liiiiitttttttlllllee bit on MODESTY. Always be modest! Your modesty is an outward reflection of who you are on the inside. It affects you and the people you are with. Remember, we are the light of the world! The light we have as members of the church is supposed to be set on a hill....we are supposed to arise and shine forth and be STANDARDS FOR THE NATIONS.....now....lets not be wearing any type of clothing that's not in harmony with our standards as latter-day saits. We took upon ourselves the name of Christ! And, last but not least.... MODEST IS HOTTEST!!!!

Tender Mercy- When a young man/woman feels the love of Christ for the first time in their lives.

Thanks family! I love you all! And friends too of course, but my family more.

Love, Elder Gomez

ps- Be happy!

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