Elder Dallin Dean Gomez

Monday, February 27, 2012

Happy late birthday future Elder Hardy and future Elder Vera! (the 22nd and 23rd) 
Sounds like everyone is doing great! I am happy that you are all participating in the work of the Lord! You cant even fully realize what you are doing for the Shield kids. Just like what happened to dad with an 11 year-old who he taught and baptized on his mission..and he was reunited with him in the temple and found out that many fruits have come because of him. That's called a miracle!!!!! Don't ever stop helping in missionary work! I know one day I will reunite with people from my mission and my joy will be even more than it is now! This week was a week of miracles. My testimony has grown a LOT with respect to the power of fasting and prayer and faith. These three things put together make miracles! 

So we had just gotten back from an interchange...I was working in a city called Cabrero and my companion was over in our area. We went to a house of a younger couple, Diego and Antonia, who we found and have taught twice and they werent home. Diego's dad, Ariel, was home so he received us and we began to talk to him and Maria Jose, Diego's 21 year old sister. Ariel was recently diagnosed with diabetes and he has always been a healthy man so it took him really hard. He said that we came just in the right time...like angels sent from God just in the right moment to share a message of hope. We explained how the gospel will change his life and give him peace and joy if he lets it. If he does certain things like go to church and such. He said that he would like to come to church. Years ago he talked to missionaries but unfortunately he worked on Sundays so he never was able to go, but he wants to now, and Maria Jose said that she would like to come too. I'll keep you updated on what happens with them. 

Right after we got out of Ariel's house, we realized that we had several missed calls, so we called Ana Maria back and she said that the dad of Valentina and Valeria (our two investigators who were going to get baptized on the 3rd of March) wont let them come to stay with their mom on the weekend of the 3rd...meaning that they wouldnt be able to come to their own baptism! Problem?....yes! School starts on the 5th, and their dad is very very strict and angry all the time, so he just said flat out "NO!" so they were all bummed out. We went straight over to Ana's house obviously and we talked to them about it all and it seemed like the only solution was that they get baptized the next day (Sunday) So I called the assistants to the mission president to ask for advice and explain the situation...if they can get baptized knowing that their dad is going to be a loser about it and not let them come the majority of weekends to visit their mom once school starts. Valentina and Valeria are completely ready for baptism and me and my companion specifically felt like they needed to be baptized. They have an amazing desire to change and they are already completely different people than they were about a month ago. We went to the ward BBQ which was right afterward, so we could talk to the bishop about it and see if he will let them be confirmed right after their baptism after church the next day (this is all happening on Saturday) He said yes if all goes well in the baptism interview, so we called Elder Wood, who is another missionary, to come and do the baptismal interview, so he came and interviewed them. He said they were very prepared and they passed. Our ward mission leader started putting together the baptismal program and he is amazing! He fulfills his calling so well. We were really lucky that we were in a ward activity because all of the ward members who we needed to talk to were there. 
We felt a little bad because Elder Wood and Elder Shiflet were fasting and they came right in the middle of the ward BBQ. Ha ha. More strength to them. They are the two missionaries who we live with. Anyway, we had 6 investigators who came to the ward BBQ so that was good! 

Felipe, our 15 year old investigator, and his younger brother Cristian 8, came to the BBQ and they had a great time. Also another investigator Felipe came. There are a lot of Felipe's here! Felipe is one of the most prepared people for baptism I have met! He has integrated himself in the church like he's always been a member, but yesterday was only his second time ever coming to church! We are really excited for him and his family. 

Back to the baptism, on Sunday morning me and my companion walked to another part of the city to get two baptismal tunics for Valentina and Valeria. Chuch went really well and Valeria and Valentina went to young womens. The young women in the ward are trying hard to welcome them in the ward which we are grateful for. We had 7 investigators come to the sacrament meeting, including all of Felipe's family (his mom, Gladys, and Cristian, and his cousin, Carlos)  That was great! We had an accident happen....that was all my fault. We were filling up the font and I went to check it every now and then to see if it was good...it still faulted some water so I let it keep going....but then I forgot about it because the talks were so good..so at the end of Sacrament meeting, all of the members stood up to leave and their was water all over the church hallway. They were so confused and me and my companion looked at each other like "OH NO!" and we ran in and turned the water off. It was an adventure. Many members helped us sop up all the water. Gladys was just standing there in a corner so I walked up to here and said, "you came just on the right day" Ha ha  right when there's a FLOOD in the church! (note that just last week, her house flooded! Ironic) During church, Gladys was searching the scriptures and principios del evangelio very determinely. She looked very interested. Her whole family stayed for the baptism. We sorted out the water mess and got ready for the baptism. There were a lot of members present which was great. The stake president was there, the bishop, the ward mission leader, etc. 

They got baptized and they were so changed! It was so awesome to see their countenances after they were baptized and received the Holy Ghost. From a month ago, they are completely diferent people. Valentina gave me a little thank you note later in the afternoon after the baptism and she talked about the "chains" that had her bound (emotionally or spiritually) that we were able to help her break through teaching them the gospel. That's the most special part...that they feel such a difference in their lives. That they have changed. Valeria is quieter but also she is so different. She always looked blank and now you cant get a smile off her face!  They have been borne again! 

After the baptism, Gladys came up to me and said "when is Felipe's baptism??" and then Cristian asked "Can I get baptized tomorrow?!" Ha ha. I said...how about in a few more weeks? And he said "aawwww" *disappointedly* But they are progressing well. We are working with them, espeically Gladys, because she is going to get baptized with her sons too..I thnk she just didnt want to come out and say "when's our baptism?!" so she used Felipe's name. The bishop is really happy that there will be a new family in his ward. 

Other events that happened this week: We were at the church when the seminary teachers from several wards were having a meeting. I found Sister Mondaca, from Santa Barbara. I was so happy to see her. I asked how the branch is doing. She said "lazy"  but she said that one sister, who was reactivated when I was there, who just went with her two cute little daughters, is now going with her non member husband! He didnt want much with the church before, but she always had so much faith and hope! She bore her testimony often about how she knows one day she will go to the temple with him! And now he is going to chuch with her every week! Also another couple, Mitsy and Patricio, who we brought to church when I was there, are going regularly and are preparing to get married! YEAH! The sad part, the primary president, Nilva, passed away suddenly three weeks ago. She was about 55, she had a surgery and there were complications and she died. That was shocking to me to hear. But what made me happy and comforted me was  to know that she came to church on Sunday and took the sacrament! A true example of enduring to the end. Even in a hard place like Santa Barbara. She died the next day, Monday. 
The sacrament is so very important! We just take it every Sunday and if we arent worthy to, we just prepare ourselves and BECOME worthy! 

I know the gospel is true and that the church was restored to the earth through a prophet. God lives, He loves His children. And He will bless you if you let Him, by keeping the commandments! Also, when members fulfill their callings, miracles always happen! We cant afford to be lazy in our callings! I saw many amazing things happen this week thanks to people fulfilling callings. 
Tender Mercy- Talking to elderly people in the street and in their houses. Many times they just talk and talk and talk....I feel sometimes very clearly that they must not talk to many people because people dont want to listen to them. Younger people in todays world are "too busy" with all of the technology going 100 miles per hour. Listening is so important!

Love, Elder Gomez

-Baptism of Valentina and Valeria
-Another of baptism
-Ward BBQ...the Barbequers
-B-day party of Claudio (another BBQ)
-Kilo Yogurt challenge! I won!!!!!!!!!! I beat my companion!!!!!! That has never happened before.
-The bishop's son, Milo. no wonder he is so hyper all the time!!!

-our bed
-Fat cat! 
-Ward BBQ
-Our investigators, Felipe and Cristian, and the BBQ
-Ana, Elder Strait, Felipe, Cristian, (in the back are Nicole and Silvia, two recent converts, and on the other side, Valeria and Valentina
-Bevis and Butthead of our ward. They are both 7. Victor and Nefi are their names!

Monday, February 20, 2012

Great Week

Feb 20, 2012 
Hey everyone, how are ya?

This week we had a great week and we saw many miracles. At the beginning of the week we found a lot of people to teach and we even found 2 families! The first amazing family is Gladys, Felipe, and Cristian. Felipe was a referral from his grandma. We passed by several times without ever finding him but we kept passing  by until we did find him. And he is awesome!!! He is 15 years old and he is a big boy. We also found his mom, Gladys, who is 37 years-old. She almost got baptized when she was 12 but her dad didnt let her...but she thinks now is the time! Felipe doesnt do a whole lot, he just stays at home and takes care of his brother and they play video games. (its summer break still here) He's basically always in the house, so it made it easy for us to pass by about 4 times this week! It was great. We invited them to prepare to be baptized on March 11th and they accepted so we are excited for them. Gladys is recently going through a separation so its been a little rough on them, but the gospel will help them. 

Felipe is seriously a stud! He is awesome and he came to church yesterday. His mom was going to come with Christian, his little brother, but they werent able to because they were too exhausted from the flood....oh, you ask, what flood? I mean the flood that came from the huge monsoon that hit in the middle of the Friday night! Felipe lives right next to a canal, so the rain filled the whole canal up and it overflowed and came in his house about 8 inches deep. They recently moved into the house so it was pretty lame. Nothing really got ruined though so that was a miracle. Gladys has a laptop that she almost always keeps on he floor during the night....but for some reason she put it on her bed Friday night. Also....cool story...they have a coffee table in their house that is pretty big and heavy...apparently the coffee table moved over to the other side of the room. They have another little tiny table in the room also, and thats where they put the Book of Mormon for the night....anyway, in the morning when they came down and saw the flood, everything was all over the place except for this little tiny table that had the Book of Mormon on top of it. God works in mysterious ways! Its a little miracle but its a miracle! 
Felipe liked church a lot and he came to play soccer with us this morning and he loved it.....he had so many good questions during church yesterday. He wants to know what he should do to receive the priesthood and how he can become a missionary. He's a great kid. 

Speaking of great kids, we found two 14 year old boys in a plaza who had some really great questions about life. We set up an appointment and went back to teach them and one of the, Eduardo is really interested. we gave him the Book of Mormon and we will verify this week if he read it.

We found a really nice couple, Antonia 18, and Diego 20 who let us in and listen to the message so nicely. Its such a blessing to find people like them who are receptive after tons of people say "NO!" They let us in and they are NOT living together which we are really happy for, because many couples just live together without getting married. They are very receptive and we have an appointment with them tomorrow. 

We have been teaching a couple who are about 60 years old who are the neighbors of active strong members. They were referrals from them. The husband, Luis, is a little more stubborn, but Lina is really nice, and Lina's 94 year old mom, Soyla, is awesome and hilarious! Everytime we come over she said that she saw our mom outside in front of the house and she talked to her. She always asks us how our moms are doing. She is great. Lina and her both came to church with Sister Salamanca! 

Alright, I have talked about Valentina and Valeria before, the 16 and 12 year old sisters of Marcelo, our recent convert. Valentina was the girl who almost became gothic and wasnt very happy in her life. Now....she is so different!!! She is so different and she is stoked for her baptism on March 3rd! Valeria, her little sister is also really excited. She has had a big change in her life too...up until now she has been very separated from her mom, Ana Maria, but now she is letting herself grow closer to her mom and recognizing her as her mom which she didnt really do before! She also wants to get baptized now on March 3rd. We taught them about the role of the Holy Ghost in their conversion and also about the Sabbath Day and the Word of Wisdom. They are commited to live all of the commandments. A miracle happened this week with them. They werent going to be able to come to church this Sunday because there mom was going to be working and they are only allowed to come to church with their mom. They are only allowed to be with their mom when they come on the weekends. This Sunday Ana worked...so we fasted and prayed for them that their dad would let them stay to go to church. Valeria prayed for the first time and in her prayer she asked that her dad would let them stay...then right after the prayer they called their dad all nervously (he's pretty stubborn) and he said yes!!!
They were able to come and Valentina told me as we were in sacrament meeting that she felt something really good-strange during the sacrament, the same feeling she got that last time she came. They are doing really good!
The other miracle that happened from our fast was with Viviana. Viviana also wasnt going to be able to come, because her dad came and got her on Friday night to go to the campo for the weekend (the country) Viviana is 38 and her husband works in the north, so her parents like her to be with them on the weekends. Anyway, she called us to tell her that she wouldnt be able to go to church...but I just sat there on the phone and kept talking to her. She eventually said that maybe WE could go out to the country and teach her there because its not that far. So I told her, if its not that far, maybe you could come to church on Sunday for just that hour for sacrament meeting. I told her we were fasting for her and that I know she could come...God would provide the way. Anyway, miraculously, on Sunday, she showed up! I was so happy and I know that fasting works. Viviana is getting baptized on March 11th.

We had a crazy experience this week with the sister missionaries. They called us at 1:30 in he morning because Sister Diehl was sick. She was throwing up all over the place. A member in their ward went and gave them a blessing late in the night without oil, and in the morning she was still sick so we went and gave her a blessing with oil. Right after the annointing she fainted and started to have a seizure but we picked her up and put her on her bed. Then I gave her a blessing. It was incredible how she recovered.  Sister Martinez (mission president's wife) said that they had to stay in their house for a few days, but she is doing a lot better now. I know that the priesthood power is real! We have another priesthood blessing this week also, to an old lady in the ward who was baptized 7 years ago who never misses a Sunday. She is a great examle to everyone in the ward. She is very very faithful and she didnt come today so right after church we went to her house and she was sick so we gave her a blessing. She has so much faith in priesthood blessings because she has been healed many times. I also know of its power because I have seen MANY people be healed through them!

I have been thinking a lot about Labranza this week and how crazy it is that I havent seen them for about a year now! I miss them all a lot. I have never returned to the south of the mission since I left, but I have faith that one day I will go back. Some of the members from this ward went the a young single adult conference and all of the youth from Independencia were there and they all told them to tell me "hi!" So that was cool...it would be cooler if I could see them in person but I know that patience brings blessings!

We passed by an inactive family, the Cid family. They are a member family who as of 3 years stopped going. We read Mosiah 2 with them and also Moroni 7:45-47 with them and  the spirit was their strong. They told us that we are different than other missionaries...she said we are literally angels sent from God and they are going to come back to church now definitely.  They were really grateful because they said they know that missionaries shouldnt be spending a lot of their time with people who are already members, but with investigators and finding new people, they said they are very very grateful that we spent our time with them and cared for them. They came to church yesterday. They are awesome. I dont even know why they went inactive! 

Random- Every monday we do a yogurt chugging contest, and just so everyone knows, last week I TIED with my companion! That has never happened! My companion always creams everyone.....but we TIED! :D a kilo of yogurt in 12 seconds. I'll show you the videos when I get home! Ha ha.

Tender Mercy- The blessings that come from fasting. We now have 6 investigators with baptismal dates. That's more than we've ever had so far here at once! Fasting is a true commandment. It helps us grow closer to our Father in Heaven and it truly results in miracles. 

This week was full of spiritual experiences! I know that the spirit is real. It will guide us, it will comfort us, and it will TEACH and TESTIFY to us of TRUE THINGS!!! I am so happy right now. Too bad everyone cant be a missionary! This is truly the work of Almighty God. 
Fulfill your callings!! Invite a friend to church! Give references to the missionaries! Help someone in need! ALWAYS smile at people, always forgive! 

I love you all, 
Elder Gomez

-Us with Claudio, an atheist man who is really nice who is married to a member. 
-After a spontaneous service project for the sister missionaries.
-The waterline that stayed in Gladys' house after the flood.
-Great BBQ pool picture! Hahaha...At a member's house.
-3 members...sisters in the ward. The closest is Sister Salamanca, who intruduced us to Lina, her neighbor.
-Eating the the Villagran family...the boy next to me is Angelo Martinez, my mission president's son.
-people worshiping the virgin mary in their car (in a taxi)

Monday, February 13, 2012

Baptism and transfers...

February 13, 2012 
Hey everyone! This week was a great one! First off, HAPPY VALENTINE'S DAY ON TUESDAY!!!!!
I got packages from Camilla and Aida this week so THANK YOU! I love you both, and your families. 

This week was the last week of the transfer, we had a baptism, and we know which of us is leaving Villa Obispo!
I'll start with the baptism!!! Nicol 20, was baptized. She is the daughter of Silvia, a recent convert as of about 4 months. She is great. They seriously havent missed a single Sunday in the church since Silvia was baptized. Nicol was a girl with two daughters...she really didnt care too much about anything in life. She had a bad relationship with her mom, and she was pretty hard to get along with. When the missionaries first started teaching her mom Silvia, she didnt want anything to do with the gospel. She went into the other room when they started teaching. She has had such a change in her life, in her view about life, God, her family and everyone in general. She is the smiliest (its a word now!) person ever now! The gospel literally changed her. The Holy Ghost can work miracles to those who repent and have a desire to follow Christ. I am so happy that I was able to take a part in this process and be able to be the instrument through the which the Holy Ghost was able to enter her life. Nicol called US one day about a month ago and put her own baptismal date which was amazing, and since then she repented, prepared and was faithful to all of the commitments we extended to her. She is awesome and I just cant get over how much she smiles now and how friendly she is and how their family is so happy now. photos attached.

Here's the transfer news: Me and Elder Strait are going to stay together AGAIN! We are stoked! I have never been with the same companion for more than 3 months, but we are now going to be together for at least 4 1/2 months! We are both staying another transfer here in Los Angeles in Villa Obispo. It will be great! We will have at least 2 more baptisms this transfer and we should be able to have more also. 

Last week for the last district meeting, we had a watermelon eating contest in our zone. I got the idea from the Big Canyon ward activity that we had before I left! It was a lot of fun! 
I completed 17 months in the mission which is just scaring me how fast time is moving! It is going by quickly! I will include now a bunch of random facts or things that happened this week:
-There is an incredible 85 year old member here named Audelina who was baptized about 6 years ago. She has stayed firm in the church ever since! She is a great example of a good latter-day saint. She introduced us to her daughter this week even though her daughter is evangelical. She wanted to help us so much in the lesson. We taught about the restoration and she recited the story about Joseph Smith. It was awesome! Hopefully we can all be like that! Another great example here in this ward is Brother Merino. He is dying of terminal cancer but has so much faith!!! He went to church yesterday, even when he had all the excuses he wanted to stay in bed. He is always in a ton of pain. What hit me the most is there is an inactive member in the ward who hasnt come to church for a couple months, and Brother Merino went to visit him yesterday! How would you feel if you were visited by a sick sick man who came to teach YOU about enduring to the end!? He is a great example.
-We found a family that really strengthened my testimony of the standards of the church. In this family, there is a mom/grandma who is really young, a 20 year old daughter in law with two kids, one of them newborn, and a FOURTEEN year old daughter with a newborn baby! We were able to say a prayer for them, especially for the two newborns. But I just thought, 14 years old with a baby in this hard enough world! I know that the standards of the church are super inspired. All we need to do is follow them! And we will be happy! It wont always be easy, but it WILL be worth it always!
-There were two crazy old men who we tracted into this week. One old man who was in a park. We went to talk to him and he held up his cane and yelled "Get out of here and go back to your own county!!" We were just like "we're just here to help!" ha ha. He was like "dont talk to me! Go away!"     
For real....we are just here to help! We didnt let it get to us, like always when people reject us. We just laughed about it afterward because of his cane that he was going to hit us with??? the other experience happened when we were talking to a sweet old lady who had just lost a daughter and she was very sad about it. We were in the middle of teaching her the plan of Salvation and some random really old guy came out and pulled her inside and came out to us and said "I fight against bad guys" I said "cool! Where do you work? for the police or something?" He said "no....but I kill bad guys!" (i realized he wasnt trying to have a conversation, he was threatening us I think. ha ha) The best part was when he put up his little arm and pointed at his forearm and said "this is what I kill bad guys with" and then he walked back in his house as we told him we were just there to help and to teach about Jesus Christ. Even though it was pretty funny, we felt very very sad for the lady who we were listening to who had lost a loved one. We were trying to share about God's plan, the single most important thing to hear in the world! But her oh-so-happy brother or husband wouldnt let her stay outside. I know she will have another opportunity to hear and accept the gospel. 

Well, enough with the random stories, We taught the 13 year old cousin of some members here (a young couple) and shared about the restoration and the book of Mormon. She started reading the Book of Mormon and likes it a lot. We took her on a tour of the church with her cousins and taught her the gospel of Jesus Christ, (faith, repentance, baptism) She feels really good about it all and she had so many good questions. She wanted to come to church...the only problem is, she lives in a different town and her parents are hard core evangelicals who dont like our church. She had to go back home before Sunday so she couldnt come to church, but she was able to come to the baptism of Nicol and she loved it. We called the sister missionaries in her area and we told them all about her. the sisters in that area are awesome, so hopefully a MIRACLE happens!

The last experience that I'll mention is something that happened yesterday. We were just doing our normal things and the sisters in my zone called us and one of the sisters said she needed a blessing. So we went over to their area and talked to them. this sister is started her last transfer. She's a sister that has been in my same zone my WHOLE mission so she is a good friend! Anyway, satan has really been trying to work with her because she is usually the most energetic happy awesome sister, but all of the sudden she is very disanimated with the ward (the ward isnt helping them at ALL) and she had a horrible dream during the night that was really terrible that made her scared to go back to sleep. Anyway, I was able to give her a blessing and I know that the priesthood is REAL! After the blessing she felt a lot better and she went back a little to her normal awesome self. The sister missionaries are so AWESOME in this mission! They are so strong! They came out here by their own free will. This work is great. I love it!

Tender Mercy- God's hand of love and help that He is ALWAYS extending toward us that we just choose to reject sometimes. The way we reject it is when we dont keep the commandments, when we dont read our scriptures, when we dont pray, etc. those things are so important. God's love is great. He loves us so much. 

Thanks for everything, I love you all, 
Elder Gomez

-Baptism of Nicol
-Us with an investigator, Lily
-Us with Nicol and her two kids
-The Mexicans and half Mexicans in zone conference. (the two sisters and me are half mexican) The second from the left, with the glasses, is named Elder Eric Buentello, and he is in Marcos and Gema's ward in Sabinas. He is one of Aaron's good friends! (mom, if you could send this picture to Aaron that would be awesome!)
-Me and Elder Buentello
-Cooking, making humitas 

-with a bunch of members.
-With Nicol's nieces. They came down (48 hour drive) for Nicol's baptism. Martina, the oldest niece, who is 9, came to church 3 times while she was here and she loved it. We have already contacted the missionaries up in Iquique to teach their family!
-Brother Rivas got root beer for us! We were so happy. 
-zone picture
-Making brownies with Lily. We invited her to be baptized....she is so ready. She has been investigating for a long time, but she still doesnt think its her time. She sells sweets in the market, so she wanted us to teach her how to do brownies. They turned about so good!

Monday, February 6, 2012


February 6, 2012
How is it going over there in the US? I dont have much time at all because we had to take a long survey on the computer about missionary work, I also forgot my journal, so I'll try to remember everything we did this week. First off, we climbed a volcano today! Me and another elder were the ones who made it up the farthest. I got pretty scraped up because lava rock is really rough, but it was great. Whenever you do some sort of running race or hiking or biking trip it always makes you think about life and the challenges we face spiritually. This time I didnt make that comparison until the way down. It was a long way down and we didnt have any water...so we were struggling, and my head was throbbing with pain, but I know that if we perservere until the end it will ALWAYS be worth it. 

I will just talk about Valentina right now. She is the sister of Marcelo, our 10 year old convert who was just baptized. Valentina doesnt live with her mom, but ever since her mom, has reactivated in the church, things have been a LOT better. Valentina is 16 almost 17 and she is a unique girl. she has her own style I guess you could say, but she is really nice. Her mom has been a great missionary to her always sharing about the gospel. We were able to meet her and begin teaching her and yesterday she came to church for the first time in her life. She seemed so so happy in the church. After church we had a lesson with her and she shared about many experiences she has already had! She is in 1 Ne 15 now and she said that when she reads the Book of Mormon, everything changes....from her dad's screaming all the time to just having a strong feeling of peace and happiness. She also shared with us that when she took the sacrament yesterday, she first ate the bread and she said that something started to burn in her chest. Then she said that when she took the water everything was just on fire. Then she explained that it wasnt a bad or painful feeling but REALLY GOOD! :) :) :) Take note that this is before we have taught anthing about how the Holy Ghost works. Anyway, she is super excited to be baptized on February 25th. Her mom said that she almost decided to be gothic, but there is no way in he world she will be deciding that now :) She asked about her heavy rock and metal music...if she would have to change it when she gets baptized. We explained that she will WANT to listen to other music and she wont want to listen to that stuff or dress scary when she continues in her conversion because the Holy Ghost will replace other desires. The desire to do GOOD will be the main force. 

We found an amazing family, the Diez family. They are a great family who had a rough 2011 and have the goal to unite themselves as a family (parents Violeta and Eduardo, and children, maximiliano and sebastian 11 and 6)
they think that we are going to be a part of that....they want us to share this message with them. I'll keep you updated. 
Sorry I cant say more, but I have no time. Just know that you are all loved and I pray for you and I am super grateful for every letter, email, etc. that you send and I am grateful to know you and I know this gospel is true and I am so happy to be a missionary, and I know that there is nothing, absolutely nothing, that can resolve completely our problems in life, only the gospel of Jesus Christ. 

Elder Gomez

-Volcano view panoramic
-Us with Valentina at church!
-Elder McConnell!
-Me cleaning the new missionary swimming pool to exercise in every morning. Ha ha NOT!!!
-me and elder Taverneir, from the mtc
-at Marcelo's birthday party
-Marcelo with his food 
-the 2 zones in LA
-with Elder Villaroel, set apart last week
-me with Elder hanes, the new elder in our zone, who is huge. We sat down on wet seats and the sister felt bad so she wanted to dry them off. ha ha