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Monday, February 6, 2012


February 6, 2012
How is it going over there in the US? I dont have much time at all because we had to take a long survey on the computer about missionary work, I also forgot my journal, so I'll try to remember everything we did this week. First off, we climbed a volcano today! Me and another elder were the ones who made it up the farthest. I got pretty scraped up because lava rock is really rough, but it was great. Whenever you do some sort of running race or hiking or biking trip it always makes you think about life and the challenges we face spiritually. This time I didnt make that comparison until the way down. It was a long way down and we didnt have any water...so we were struggling, and my head was throbbing with pain, but I know that if we perservere until the end it will ALWAYS be worth it. 

I will just talk about Valentina right now. She is the sister of Marcelo, our 10 year old convert who was just baptized. Valentina doesnt live with her mom, but ever since her mom, has reactivated in the church, things have been a LOT better. Valentina is 16 almost 17 and she is a unique girl. she has her own style I guess you could say, but she is really nice. Her mom has been a great missionary to her always sharing about the gospel. We were able to meet her and begin teaching her and yesterday she came to church for the first time in her life. She seemed so so happy in the church. After church we had a lesson with her and she shared about many experiences she has already had! She is in 1 Ne 15 now and she said that when she reads the Book of Mormon, everything changes....from her dad's screaming all the time to just having a strong feeling of peace and happiness. She also shared with us that when she took the sacrament yesterday, she first ate the bread and she said that something started to burn in her chest. Then she said that when she took the water everything was just on fire. Then she explained that it wasnt a bad or painful feeling but REALLY GOOD! :) :) :) Take note that this is before we have taught anthing about how the Holy Ghost works. Anyway, she is super excited to be baptized on February 25th. Her mom said that she almost decided to be gothic, but there is no way in he world she will be deciding that now :) She asked about her heavy rock and metal music...if she would have to change it when she gets baptized. We explained that she will WANT to listen to other music and she wont want to listen to that stuff or dress scary when she continues in her conversion because the Holy Ghost will replace other desires. The desire to do GOOD will be the main force. 

We found an amazing family, the Diez family. They are a great family who had a rough 2011 and have the goal to unite themselves as a family (parents Violeta and Eduardo, and children, maximiliano and sebastian 11 and 6)
they think that we are going to be a part of that....they want us to share this message with them. I'll keep you updated. 
Sorry I cant say more, but I have no time. Just know that you are all loved and I pray for you and I am super grateful for every letter, email, etc. that you send and I am grateful to know you and I know this gospel is true and I am so happy to be a missionary, and I know that there is nothing, absolutely nothing, that can resolve completely our problems in life, only the gospel of Jesus Christ. 

Elder Gomez

-Volcano view panoramic
-Us with Valentina at church!
-Elder McConnell!
-Me cleaning the new missionary swimming pool to exercise in every morning. Ha ha NOT!!!
-me and elder Taverneir, from the mtc
-at Marcelo's birthday party
-Marcelo with his food 
-the 2 zones in LA
-with Elder Villaroel, set apart last week
-me with Elder hanes, the new elder in our zone, who is huge. We sat down on wet seats and the sister felt bad so she wanted to dry them off. ha ha

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