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Monday, March 5, 2012

A small message from Dallin... then more came :)

Dallin emailed today - -but not a big letter.   We talked about his BYU plans he discussed with his mission president, who wants him to come home in time for Fall semester (two weeks early) and his wrist he hurt playing soccer last week and again playing tennis today :0  

About this week he said:  The week was awesome! A LOT of stuff happened this week!

March 5, 2012
This week was full of a lot of good stuff! 
Random fact: This morning I played tennis for the first time in 18 months on a CLAY COURT!!!
Anyway, happy two years in the mission Elder Pearson! (on the 3rd) Time has definitely flown on by!
And.....Dallin Hardy, prepare for the best two years of your life! You are in my prayers! 

This week I was on an interchange with another Elder in my zone and we found a lady named Maria who is completely prepared to receive the gospel. We contacted her in the street and asked if one day we could pass by to share a message with her. She asked us "could you come by tonight?!" We said of course and we stopped by in the evening. She told us that the reason she wanted us to come back was because she feels very lonely. Her house is giant and its very nice, but she lives alone. Her husband died two years ago but she still hasnt accepted it completely. She cried pretty good when she told us about her loneliness that she gets. She has a lot of pain still. We taught her a little bit about the atonement and when she heard that Jesus Christ suffered for her pain it comforted her a lot. She said that at this point in her life, she is waiting until God shows her some path to take so that she can be happier, because she lacks something in her life. She said she is waiting for Him to "illuminate a path for her". I testified with all my heart that this message, this gospel is exactly what she has been waiting for! We set up a return appointment right when we had splits planned with the stake president! Me and President Pauvif came later to her house and she was with very low strength from depression. Her daughters were there helping her. We were able to share a message with all of them and we gave her a priesthood blessing. It was great. She immediately started feeling much better. She wasnt able to come to church this Sunday but she will be coming in the future! While I was with the stake president, my companion was with our bishop. We have gained a lot of confidence with the bishop through service and hard work....and the ward is starting to better itself little by little. A happy bishop is a happy ward! He helped us a lot in the appointment with my companion that they went to. They went to an investigator named Lily and they taught the restoration and afterward Lily said she believes that the church was restored through Joseph Smith. The spirit was very strong. 

Funny story- We were walking on the sidewalk one day this week and there was a bush blocking the sidewalk. My companion said "REAL men dont move for bushes" and he walked through it and it kicked his butt. He was like "OW! OUCH!! OOF!!!" Ha ha ha. We both got a pretty good laugh out of it. 

We received a call on Wednesday morning from another Area, the zone leaders of another zone, with a referal for us. We were excited because they said the reference came from a man in Santiago who wants us to pass by his friend. We went by Maria Jose and she is a single mom about 30 years old and she is SUPER RECEPTIVE! She was also just waiting for the gospel to find her somehow. She said that she has been to other churches. She was Catholic for a lot of years (like almost everyone here) but she got bored of it because of the people and she never felt her heart get full of the spirit or anything....We promised her that reading, praying, and coming to church, will help her become full of the love of God. She accepted to get baptized. She was going to come to church this week but on Thursday she got very sick so she wasnt able to. We came by her house after church with the stake president and his wife with their 5 year-old daughter (Maria Jose also has a 5 year-old) and we shared a message with her. She said that she read what we left her and when she read it she felt peace. The stake president's wife invited her to a family night with them and with us, so that will be great! We are excited for these new investigators who we are finding. 

Random fact- This week our water heater broke so I have been becoming a man...by showering with freezing cold water in the morning. 

We have an awesome ward mission leader! It seems as though all of the priesthood leaders have been learning their duties a lot better recently and they have been helping us a ton. They have been helping us a lot with our golden family who we are teaching, Gladis 38, Felipe 15, and Cristian 8. On Saturday morning we had a great appointment with Gladis (Felipe wasnt home) were we commited her to be baptized with her sons on the 17th of March. She accepted. We taught her about the plan of salvation and the reality of the atonement, that we can be forgiven of our sins. She really opened up to us in the lesson and it was amazing what the scriptures were able to do for her. We read several scriptures about the atonement in the Book of Mormon and the spirit was very strong. She is very happy and humbled that Christ literally paid for her sins and she can receive forgiveness for them. They are going to get baptized together! Yay for families!!!!!!!!! And the BEST part is, later, we found out that my mission president's son, Angelo, will also be getting baptized on the 17th of March!!! So we are going to have a baptismal service together. (he is from this ward) It will be quite the baptismal service! :)

We had a zone leader's meeting in President Martinez's home this week. It was amazing. We discussed how we can "wake up the giant" (help missionary work to really explode here in CONCEPCION SOUTH!) President truly has the spirit of prophesy and revelation. The way he speaks and the way you can understand eveything he says and you know it's true. It's like listening to a general authority to me! Speaking of President Martinez, when we went to the stake president's house after church to take them to Maria Jose's house, we walked into the house and President Martinez was sitting there! We've had lots of opportunities to talk to him this week. He kind of hinted to me that next transfer I will be going to Temuco! That may or may not happen, but it sounded real. But if I do, I will be able to visit LABRANZA for the first time! It's been more than a year since I've been there! 

Nicole (our recent convert) had her baby presented in the church. It made me so happy! It's amazing to see investigators progress so much in the gospel. They are extremely faithful new members! They have never missed a week while I've been here!

Felipe, our investigator, just enrolled yeterday in seminary! NICE!

Tender Mercy- The many opportunities that God gives us to progress in the gospel. Callings, service opportunities, etc. He truly wants us to be the best we can be. 

I love you all, thanks for everything you do for me! Hope to hear from you soon, 
Elder Gomez

-tennis shot
-another tennis shot
-The bishop, his wife, and his two kids playing on a trampoline.
-All of my original district from he MTC who are zone leaders

-stake president's house. I was so happy to see Liahona's on te table with plastic coverings!
-Ailyn, a girl who I sat next to on the way home from Concepcion. I taught her how to pray and we played tic tac toe. Her parents seemed very happy to have her distracted for a few hours. Ha ha.
-With the bishop's kids.
-With Felipe, a 14 year old relative of members here. He is from Las Vegas, Nevada. He looks Latin but he actually speaks perfectly in English. We reactivated him!
-Elder Hanes (huge) with Sister Audelina, a strong active old lady in the ward. She was baptized 7 years ago and has been strong ever since.
-Playing phase ten on p-day

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