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Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Conference Week!

April 3, 2012
Happy anniversary Steve and Aida!! (in a few days)
This was a busy week with lots of new things. First of all, I got a new companion! Elder Strait left to the south to be a zone leader down there and I received Elder Beatty! He is from my birth state, Texas. He comes from San Antonio. He has just one transfer less than me in the mission and he is a pretty big guy. He has 5 brothers and sisters, he is the oldest. He went to BYU for a year before the mission (yay for BYU companions...they know what's good for them...he's my 5th companion going to BYU)
The first couple days were a little confusing...after being the same companion for nearly 5 months, but things are going awesome now! 

The recent converts are all doing good. Felipe, Gladis, Cristian, and Viviana all came to at least one session of general conference. Speaking of which...HOW ABOUT CONFERENCE!!! It deserved an "A" . I loved all of the messages. Felipe is awesome and has been continuing in seminary. He is almost ready for his mission! Too bad he is only 15 years old! We hope to be able to set a baptismal date with Luis, the dad of the family. He has been working about two hours away from here, so it's been hard..but... this week apparently he is going to be here the whole week! 

I will talk about Edgardo. He is a very nice grandpa who we found contacting one night. We were literally exhausted one night...on our way back to the house, and I felt, lets just contact this house. So we contacted them without much exitement, and Edgardo (68) said "adelante", or "come on in!" We were caught off surprised. It was surprising for two reasons: one, because he is an older man and normally old men here are super grouchy and set in their ways. Every now and then you will find a nicer grandpa and even more rare, a grandpa who is actually willing to hear the gospel and be taught. So this was awesome! Second, because it was at night and we were exhausted and it was almost time to go to the house...who's going to answer the door and let you in when it's so late? But...he did! Sweet.  
So...me and Elder Beatty went to teach him, and that morning we had had a very good companionship study specifically about teaching the first lesson, or, the restoration. So we taught Edgardo the restoration on Friday and it was AMAZING!! The spirit was so strong and I KNOW that the Lord helped me and my companion speak with the spirit. There is no way we could have taught with such unity and power alone, afterall, we are new as companions. But, the Spirit was there and it was amazing how well Edgardo understood what we taught. We taught him about the Book of Mormon and all of the sudden he said "I need to read it and pray to ask if it's true!" before we had even extended him that invitation! We were shocked! We were happy! We invited him to get baptized on the 26th of April when he receives his answer from the Holy Ghost that the restoration is true and he accepted. Unfortunately, his grandson, Vicente 10, who is amazing, wasnt there for this lesson. Vicente is definitely going to get baptized too, we just havent had the chance to teach them yet. They did come to general conference though. It was the first time Edgardo had ever come to church and he really liked it. We gave him a tour of the chapel after the session and he got pretty excited when we showed him the baptismal font. 

I have had many spiritual experiences this week. We had a zone leaders counsel yesterday (that's why I didnt write yesterday) and President Martinez asked me and my companion to give a short training to the other zone leaders about the doctrine of Christ. As we were preparing, we came up with many ideas of things we wanted to share. Part of what we were going to share was from Alma 29:1...when Alma says "OH that I were an angel and could have the wish of mine heart....etc" Well, we were on the bus going over it all, I was looking down at our notes and I just had a "stupor of thought" I didnt know why but I couldnt think right...it seemed like I was missing something. So I bowed my head and started to pray and I asked Heavenly Father what else we needed to do to prepare for the training...what I needed to do personally. And a strong impression came to me that I should talk to the people sitting next to me on the bus! A thought came to my mind saying, "how can you talk about the strong desire to share the gospel if you yourself arent sharing it with the people right next to you!?" So I ended the prayer quickly and contacted the person right next to me. It turns out, even though we were in Concepcion, she is from Los Angeles, two hours away. It turns out that she lives in our area!! I learned that we must ALWAYS share the gospel! That's our duty as members of the church, and obviously as a full-time missionary. 

The other neat experience that happened late at night was when we were on our way back to our house the same day as our lesson with Edgardo, and I felt that we should take a different street that we normally take to our house. so we went on this little tiny street and we passed a few random people and one guy said "Hola Elderes" and so we flipped around. We started talking to Gustavo and it turns out he is not a member, but his son is. His son was actually a missionary in Argentina. We got talking and we asked him how long he known the church...he said for a long time. He has gone many times in the past with his family. He said his wife died about two years ago, and she was also a member. He said that if he ever felt like he should become a member of the church he will talk to his son (who lives in another ward close by. I felt impressed to extend an invitation that I have never said before in my life, I invited him THAT NIGHT to kneel down and clear his mind of anything else, and imagine himself dressed in white next to his son, also dressed in white, in the baptismal font, about to be baptized. And while he is imagining this, that he pray and ask Heavenly Father If he should get baptized. He said he would. I called the other area where his son lives and asked the missionaries to talk to Gustavo's son. I know miracles happen..and I know he will get his answer. 

Well everyone, I love you all. Thanks to you all who have sent emails and letters. I appreciate them a lot. Thanks for your prayers too! I will be praying for all of you and for Hector in Mexico and all of the cousins!

Love, Elder Gomez

-Rosalez family, members
-Lily, investigator
-Villaroel family, members
-Rivas family, members. He let us use their computers to talk to you guys on Christmas! Remember Panchito??
-Formal of the two of us 
-Cruces family. Inactive converts as of a year who we reactivated!! They are so awesome!
-Espinoza family. Mario, the dad, was inactive, and we helped him reactivate. They are awesome. 
-The best family ever! The Quezada family. Sister Quezada washes our clothes and they do so much for us! They help so much with our investigators. Great people!
-service for the bishop
-service painting
-JACOB ELLIS future motab member! YEAH, I saw him from Chile
-Zone leaders counsel
-balcony zl counsel
-Kiger family! Awesome family. He is our ward mission leader who was just recently called to the bishopric. He has been a member for a year and a half...when I started the mission! He was the best mission leader I have ever had!
-Bishop and his family! The Gervic family! They are awesome.....they just moved :( we helped them get their house all ready to leave. 
-With the Hermosilla Valenzuela family. They are awesome. Silvia, the mom, is a recent convert, and Nicole is one of our converts. Felipe is amazing!...he is getting baptized in two weeks...but in Santiago, where all of his family is. He'll make a great missionary. They are so great. They havent missed a single Sunday since I have been here. 
-Sister Noxon leaving!!! She came with me to Chile, we were in every single zone together, and she finished her mission! Time flew by!
-The most amazing family ever! The Fonseca Astete family! They are the golden family we found and baptized! Luis still needs to get baptized so we will be working on him this week. 
-Gonzalez family. They are awesome! We had 5 converts from their family and they are doing a lot better now.

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