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Tuesday, May 22, 2012


May 22, 2012 
Hey family, 
How is it going this week? 
First off, if you havent noticed, p-day was changed to Tuesday this week because yesterday was a national holiday so all of the men were in their homes with their families, so we were able to take advantage of that. 

This week was good. I have been learning a lot lately. Being in a new area is always an exiting challenge. I miss the members and converts from Villa Obispo a lot, but Elder Beatty gave me an update, Edgardo and Felipe Hermosilla got the priesthood, and Felipe 19 blessed the sacrament this last week. Edgardo is going to bless the sacrament this week. Felipe 15 has been passing the sacrament since before I left the area. Gladis Astete (Felipe´s 15 mom) was called as a nursery leader. The Cruces family who we reactivated are great. Brother Cruces is now the ward executive secretary!!! His wife, Sister Cruces, is a primary teacher. And Mario Espinoza, also who reactivated, is the new ward mission leader! Booyah! Soledad is about to get a calling too....so that is all just awesome to hear. It made my day.

This work is truly the work of the Lord. There are a lot of challenges that may come in the way, but nothing can stop the work from progressing, like Joseph Smith said. I know he was truly a prophet and the church was really restored. God is really our Father in Heaven and He loves us. I feel His love and his Spirit while I serve him. Missionary work is very important and hopefully everyone who reads this participates in it!

I am so grateful to you, mom and dad, for the things that you taught me and all of us kids. Seriously, it makes me extremely sad to see so many bad things happening in the world right now. It makes me want to cry sometimes thinking about people who don´t have the gospel in their lives. It's so hard for them to live happily. I am so grateful that you two completed with Mosiah 4:14-15. It is so important. I can believe some of the parents in the world today. They say they want their kids to "be something" in life...but they´re too prideful to teach their kids anything about God, too prideful to be good examples for their kids. Kids have no discipline. And it's destroying the world little by little. Thank you for being such good examples to us and truly loving us! Not just saying it or acting like it in front of other people! Because of everything you have done now we will really "be someone" in this life. Titles or degrees from college and positions and popularity dont mean anything in this life...who we are inside is what matters. You rock!

This week:
-Sandra, an investigator from another area in the zone, died on Saturday. I know that she will be blessed for her desire that she had to follow Christ. Her daughter, Camila, is still going to get baptized on the 2nd of June. 
-We taught a lot of great lessons to people who are awesome. Francisco and Jordan are two brothers who want to get baptized but they arent quite ready for baptism yet so we had to cancel their baptism for this weekend. Their dad is a marijuana smoker, and an alcoholic and an ex member of the church so that's lame. But he wants his kids to get baptized..his kids are awesome. You can see how much the Spirit is changing them which is really cool. 
-We have focused a lot on finding families to teach and teaching some fathers of families who are the only member of the family who arent members of the church. It's been good. We were able to talk to many! And Victor, the dad of the Vargas family, even came to church, which was exciting. 
-We gave some health blessings on Sunday, because there are some sick people in the ward. And another one we gave because Juanita, an investigator of the other missionaries in this ward, is about to get baptized and so she was doing a fast, and she had a huge headache that was hurting her a lot because she was on hour 22 or 23 of the fast, and she just felt sick, but she had so much faith that instead of going and eating something, she asked for a blessing. After the blessing she stood up with a huge smile on her face and whiping away her tears she said "It all went away! I feel great!" 

Miracles exist!! Really!

Tender Mercy- When Juanita was healed completely from her massive headache that was making her cry. The gospel is true. The Book of Mormon is AWESOME! Read it and you will believe me.

I have to go now, sorry for the lack of information, but I love you all! Thanks for everything you do for me and for all of the prayers. I need them every day! 

Elder Gomez

-playing tennis this morning with Elder Hess, one of the other two missionaries who we live with. (he is from Bear River High School and it turns out that we played each other in high school tennis matches. We played with some members and an investigator. These kids, Diego and Camila, are awesome, and their dad isnt a member, and Camila's boyfriend isnt a member, so we are going to work in there. It was fun to play.

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