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Monday, May 28, 2012


May 28, 2012
Hey everyone,
This week was really good! We had several good things happen. 
First off, on Thursday night we got to the house and I was down stairs brushing my teeth and my companion got a phone call...he said it was for me so I went upstairs to get the phone and I said "hello" and I hear "HOLA!! How's it going cousin? You're talking to Alejandro Gomez!" (Alejandro Gomez is the nickname of Beto, one of my converts from Labranza who is the dad of a member family) I said "BETO!!! How's it going??" Apparently he got my number from another member who I saw a few weeks ago who used to be in this ward that I am in now, Catrihuala. He said that he is doing really good and that his family is doing great as well. He also said that HE IS GOING TO THE TEMPLE IN JULY TO BE SEALED TO HIS WIFE AND FAMILY!!!!!! I am so happy for him!!! It was a good phone call. 

This week there was a giant storm in Temuco, where I am. I dont know if you heard about it in the news or anything....probably not considering you are in the USA and I am in Chile and nobody hears about Chile news.   But just so you know, I am alright! Nothing happened besides lots and lots of rain and wind. It was one of those classic mission moments...one of our appointments fell and so we were going to take a bus to the other side of our area but no bus came for about 20 minutes, so we were just sitting there in the crazy wind and pouring rain SOAKED and we tried to talk to everyone who was there but they were all rushing to their houses and stuff. It was funny. 

We contacted one man in the street who was a very interesting...I'll mention this because it strengthened my testimony a TON. Also, I learned even better that the "philosophies of men" dont get us anywhere in this life. I walked up to this guy and said "hi, it's a pleasure to meet you!" He then said "no it's not" glaring at me. "why is it a pleasure? What's a pleasure?" (as he looked at us with a face like "why did you you just invade my time and space") I said "it's a pleasure to meet you sir!" Then he started talking to us about the United States and all of this weird stuff. He said he was agnostic and he went off about the philosophies of men, saying that he's not Cristian...and he continued by quoting a bunch of random philosophers who were apparently these genius'. Basically his message was "I am right and you are wrong. I am better than you. You dont really do anything to help humanity....etc...." 
It was interesting to see just how someone who supposedly knows a lot about life and how to help humanity and is educated in everything can be so incurteous and ungentlemanly and disrespectful. I know that Christ was in fact the Son of the Living God and our Savior and Redeemer, and not just a great philosopher. I know that the most important thing in this life is CHARITY!!--the pure love of Christ. 
Me and my companion learned a lot from this short encounter with this man. I know that the most important library or collection of books that a person can read in their entire lives are The Holy Bible, the Book of Mormon, Doctrine and Convenants, and the Pearl of Great Price! Only there will you find true happiness...(if you put into practice what you learn)

We had some amazing experiences this week with prayers and miracles. We have been praying a lot lately that God will lead us to families. And that they will be led to us. Everytime we have prayed for that purpose, we have found a family. It is awesome! "Ask and ye shall receive"
We went to a family night with a member as of 4 years, Paula, with her mom who isnt a member... and a few other members, some of whom are a little bit inactive. We shared a mormon message about the Book of Mormon and at the end, we asked Paula's mom how she felt and she really liked it. Then we started teaching her a little bit. For 4 years apparently Sonya (Paula´s 23 mom has been really standoff-ish against the church, but during this family home evening she was so different! She is catholic and she has been going to her catholic priest and telling him that she is learning more from us that she does in the Catholic church and asking him for advice. He has told her every time that she needs to stay away from us completely and she should stop learning anything from us, but she continues learning because she feels good here. She said that she feels like we actually care about helping her UNDERSTAND the things. She loves that we come to her house and teach her. We shared with her 2 Nephi 31:3 and told her that the reason she understands everything when she talks to us is because the Holy Ghost is present. And also because the Book of Mormon is true.
You could see how happy Paula was for her mom. She bore her testimony to her mom and it was one of the strongest testimonies I have ever heard! She gave a talk in church yesterday about the word of wisdom and it was amazing. I know that Sonya's time has come! She will be baptized soon...I know it. She has yet to go to church though, which is a problem. We are going to be praying a lot for her. She is the nicest lady. You can tell there is something special about her right now. You can tell that she is humble and willing to learn. I believe in miracles! 

We have been focusing a lot on families. We have two main inactive families who we are helping to reactivate and we have several incomplete families. The progress is show but steady, the reason being that there are just so many people in this area! SO MUCH TO DO! 
I have had a hard time trying to learn how our area is laid out. It is really big and we dont have a map so I am confused. There are still many members who I have yet to meet also... We will be having some baptisms in no time though. 

Here's a miracles for you all:
An investigator, Francisca, came to church. She is the mom of 5 kids and many of them were baptized last year. She said that about a year ago, her daughter was sick with a serious blood disease that could have been cancer. Apparently she had to go to the doctor every 15 days for treatments. 
A missionary who was in this area a while ago, Elder Tanner (a great friend of mine) (Who is also one of the assistants to president Maritinez right now) gave her a priesthood blessing and in Francisca´s words, he did it with "a lot of faith." Anyway, at the next treatment they went to, the doctor was completely shocked and surprised, because this disease, he said, for some unlogical reason, had completely disappeared. Ever since then, her daughter has been completely healthy. 
After I heard this amazing story, I felt an impression to ask her if Elder Tanner was able to hear about this, or if he got transferred before he knew the results. She said that he still doesnt know about it (a year later) but that she wanted him to know. So just yesterday night I was able to call Elder Tanner and tell him that his blessing, pronouced with much faith, healed a young girl completely from having blood cancer! Elder Tanner was very emotional about it. It was good :)

Tender Mercy- The call from Beto. 

I have been thinking about the pioneers lately...I am so so so so grateful for their incredible sacrifices that they made so that the work of the Lord could go forward. They had amazing faith, and they saw many miracles happen. 

For lack of time I wont be able to tell you all the rest of the things that happened this week, but the work of the  Lord continues to go forth! This work is amazing. It is true. I love you all. I didnt take many pictures this week due to the pouring rain. 

Elder Gomez

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