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Tuesday, May 8, 2012


Email May 7, 2012

Hey, this week was pretty good. The first reason is because it was DAD'S BIRTHDAY and MOM AND DAD'S ANNIVERSARY!!!! 
Nice. Happy birthday and anniversary! You guys rock! Way to go! 26 years!
The next thing is HOW LONG HAS AIDA BEEN PREGNANT?!?!?!?!?!

First things first, I'm getting transferred!!!!!! Today is officially my last day in Villa Obispo. I am very sad to leave. Sad because I am leaving so many people who are amazing and who I love. I am going to miss all of my recent converts and all of the members. I am going to TEMUCO!!!! I will be in an area called "Catrihuala" and I will be with Elder Laird. Elder Laird was in my district in the MTC. He is the really tall big one that played football for Idaho State Universary. I think dad actually met him in the airport before we flew out to Chile. I am really excited...especially for the fact that I will be closer to Labranza now so I will be able to go visit at the end of my mission. It should be a fun transfer. I will also be missing Elder Beatty a lot. This transfer went by really fast. 

I was able to work with Elder Barton one of the days this week because he was passing by this area over night because they were traveling, so he came here and we did splits. I trained Elder Barton while I was in Santa Barbara. He is doing so good which makes me happy!

This week was a good working week. We worked and worked all week long and at the very end of the week we saw the blessings. My companion has to go to physical therapy a couple times a week...I dont know if I have mentioned that before. We have gotten to know the physical therapist pretty good in about 8 or 9 visits, and now we brought her the Book of Mormon. She believes in Jesus Christ a lot, but had some mixed up ideas about the Momons. So we have been teaching her little by little since then and we gave her a Book of Mormon with the commitment to read 3 Nephi 11. She seemed really amazed that Jesus Christ came to the Americas. I wont be here to see how it was for her, but I hope it goes well.

We were working all day on Thursday without many results, and we had an appointment in the evening with a family that we found last week. We went to their house, hoping that they had read in the Book of Mormon like we invited them too...they had! It doesnt even matter that the day wasnt that good because this appointment made up for everything! We taught them about the restoration of the gospel, focused on the Book of Mormon, and the Spirit was very strong. It is a family of four...named Ronny, Marcela (parents), and Matias, and Martin (kids) Matias is 14 years old and we've never met him because he is very shy and he has never come down stairs when we come., but close.. Ronny and Marcela are so good. As we explained everything, Ronny would ask the classic, "alright, let me get this straight....if I understand correctly, you are saying that.....etc. etc." and we would say "yes, that's exactly what we are saying", and he would sit there looking in awe for a second as the Spirit testified to him that it was true. We asked Marcela how she felt that Jesus Christ came to the Americas and she said "Very good....it shows us that he loves everyone the same." Simple answer but great because it shows that she understands it good.
We focused mostly on the spiritual part of the Book of Mormon, because that is the real way to gain a testimony of it's truthfullness. We invited them to read it and focus on how they feel while they are reading it, then to pray and ask God to know that it's true. They said they would do it. We promised them that they would receive an answer. Then, Marcela asked us a Golden question, "How are we going to get the answer from God?" We explained to them about the Holy Ghost and how it answers us. We set up an appointment and we invited them to church and they said they would come, and.. THEY CAME TO CHURCH!!! Whooohhh!!  I am sad that I am leaving now!

In the month of April in the entire mission, our zone had the most amount of baptisms, which is awesome! We reached our baptismal goal and went past it. Our zone was great, and I am happy that I had the opportunity to serve all of the elders and sisters in the zone, but I am looking forward to help the zone of Temuco Nielol.

It's been fun to keep teaching Edgardo and Soledad this week. We have had so many neat moments with Edgardo. He is an incredible man. This week he decided that he wants to fast this weekend for fast Sunday. He has diabetes so we told him that if he has to eat something every now and then he can...He rejected a barbeque from his family and he fasted the whole 24 hours!!!! A 68 year old man with diabetes! Stud.
We were with him when we got the call for transfers...he is very sad that I am going and I am equally sad.. But I am so happy that I was able to find him and teach him. He is proof that listening to the spirit is SO important! We wouldnt have found him if I would have just ignored the impression that I felt to turn around and knock on that house! 
Edgardo told me that when he told Vicente, his grandson (our investigator) that I was leaving, Vicente got really sad and said "grandpa, will you come in my room and pray with me?" so they went in his room and Vicente prayed for me and he started crying a bunch.
He also told us that his wife told him that she thinks its amazing all of the changes that he's doing in his life and that if she keeps seeing good changes in him, then she too, will follow this religion :) He is probably the most converted convert I have taught! At the end of one of the visits he said "I hope that down in Temuco there are many more Edgardo's in your way!" I was thinking, I hope so too!! 

Soledad is doing good too. Yesterday we went to her house to say goodbye to her, her daughter, and to her mom, Ana. We thanked them for everything, especially for all of the food that Ana prepared for us. She stays in her house all day because she is of age, and she loves making us stuff. Since we got to her house, she has been very hospitalbe to us. As we were about to leave, she started crying and crying. As she was crying she thanked us for everything and she said that she thinks of us as her sons. They are a great family!

At church we had great things happen like always. Testimony meeting was great. There were some powerful testimonies of Jesus Christ given. AND...we got a bishop! Hermano Sanhueza is the new bishop. He will do a great joy. I will attach pictures. 

Tender Mercy- D&C 122:7. Even when we think that things are so hard for no reason....we will always receive blessings at the end! Almost all of the people who I have found in the mission and baptized have been from exactly that, working all day and at the last minute, in the hardest moment, we find them...the blessings come. 

Well, I have to go now, sorry it's not a very long email! I will see you on Sunday :)
I love you, Elder Gomez

-Me with Enzo, the newborn son of a less active member and an investigator.
-The zone in the baptismal font
-The zone in the mirror in the font
-The district! We worked our tails off and we were able to pass our baptismal goal as a district. The goal was 7 for April and we had 11 people enter the waters of baptism in April!
-The Paredes family, the youngest was baptized last year and the family was  
-Me and Elder Merrell..who leaves this week. He was Elder McConnell's companion in the MTC

-does this look good to Tali?? It tasted pretty good. We were stuck in the terminal for about 4 hours after a zone leaders conference, so we got hungry.
-Luis and Gladis (recent convert). They are AWESOME! This is what a Chilean policeman looks like. 
-Me with a member who we have helped a lot over the last 6 months. Their dad isnt a member.
-Me with RONNY AND MARCELA!!! The family who we found last week who are awesome and who CAME TO CHURCH! They are really excited. They live across the street from of a member family.
-Me with the the two stake secretaries. AH I am going to miss everyone.
-Me with one of the best families ever! The Concha family. He was the old bishop here. His young son's name is Nephi. They are great.
-Me with Brother Fierro. He is the 1st couselor of the other ward that asists our building. He is so great. 
-Me and recent converst from the other ward, Rosa and her son. They are great. 
-Brother Quezada (new 2nd counselor to the bishop), with the stake president and the bishop. Does the new bishop look nervous???
-Me and Angelo and Lexlie Villagran, a member from this ward....Angelo is one of my good friends because he was in the ward of Labranza and he got home from his mission while I was there, now he is going to get married to Lexlie, from this ward.
-Villagran family. Classic! We had barbeques there all the time! Whenever we had lunch with them, they would come and pick us up and take us out to their country house.
-Another Villagran photo
-Me with Vicente and Martin. Vicente is Edgardo's grandson and Martin was a less-active member who we reactivated. I love these two kids so much! They are going to be awesome missionaries.
-Me, Edgardo, and Vicente. They are AWESOME

I also want to say that during the sacrament meeting, as the stake president was announcing the new bishop, the spirit was so strong. It was awesome. The whole ward felt it. The ward chorister (stake president's wife) got up to bare her testimony and she said that as he was reading the name of the new bishop, she was watching the eyes of everyone and she could tell that everyone was feeling the spirit. It's true! It was a cool experience. I know that he was literally chose by God. 
This work is real and it will keep going and nothing can stop it! It is true. 
I repeat an invitation that I have extended before with all of the love and desire of my heart...that is, READ THE BOOK OF MORMON!!! You are losing something so special if you dont read it every day. Please do it. I know that it is true, and that it was translated by Joseph Smith through the gift and power of God. Read it!!! Please.

Another tender Mercy for the week also: 
As I was writing this email, a recent convert, Valentina, called us randomly because she saw us pass by down town. We told her that we were here in the computer place and she was close so she came over. It is a tender mercy because if she wouldnt have been here, I may have never seen her again in my life! She doesnt live here in Los Angeles, she lives in a little town about 40 minutes from here. I was able to share my testimony to her one last time and she told me some good news...that she is reading the Book of Mormon a lot these days because she has been passing through hard times and it is really helping her. 

Alrighty well, I will talk to you all later! 

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