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Sunday, June 17, 2012


June 11, 2012
Hey everyone!
This week was very very COLD!
Wow, I cant believe that everyone is enjoying a vacation without me! No, I'm just kidding...you should all be jealous of me. Bahaha! It's been really good this week. I am still getting to know all of the members of the ward. There are so many and we dont have a ton of time to visit them...so every lunch and every Sunday and every opportunity we have to be with members, we try to build their testimonies so that we can achieve a real growth here in Catrihuala. Real growth in the church will always come from inside. As our spirits our strengthened, naturally everything else falls into place. It becomes more easy to keep the commandments, we are happier, and we have a bigger desire to share the gospel. 
The investigators who we have been working with are awesome. We have Francisco and Jordan, the two brothers who are crazy, but who are progressing little by little. They are great and they want to get baptized so so bad but we have to keep telling them no because frankly they're not ready...but we are praying a lot for them so that they can be ready. 

I told you all about the miracle with my wallet last week....well, let me tell you how it ended. We went to the house where my wallet was and a 25ish year old man came out. He is the brother of a recent convert and he got into the taxi where my wallet was. He picked it up and he saw that I was a missionary so he got excited because he realized that his brother had recently been baptized in our church. He felt like he shouldnt give it to the taxi driver because if he did it probably wouldnt get to me. So, he kept it and called his brother right away and quickly I was informed of where it was. Well...like I was saying, when I went to the houe, the guy was super excited to give it to me. He handed it to us and when he saw that it was me whose wallet it was he was overjoyed. He felt so good inside and I was really happy too. We are going to return to his house to share our message with him. (and baptize him of course)

I know that service is a divine principle that makes the world a better place. We were able to do several service projects this week. After lunch one day we saw two members chopping wood on a cold cold day...the relief society president (who is very pregnant) and her mom, who's about 55 years old or so. So we went to help them. It was pretty quick and then we went on our way. Just yesterday in church they told us how grateful they were. They said we were literally like angels that fell out of heaven at just in the right moment. I invite you all to go serve someone TODAY! It doesnt matter who it is or what it is..as long as it's not yourself! Could you all do that?

We also had an interchange of companions. I was with Elder Wray..from Salt Lake City. He is a great missionary. We saw a chubbier guy working in his yard so we offered our help. Jerson was his name He let us come and help him with the yard work and we started talking to him. Eventually we found out that he was a member and then that he was a MISSIONARY! What what what? Him and  4 of his 8 siblings were also missionaries. We are going to reactivate them. He actually hasnt been inactive for too long...just recently because of his job. He is 42 and not married still and he wants to a lot. He is the nicest guy...I feel bad for him He encouraged me to get married quick when I get home because if I dont it gets too hard. 
Anyway, I know that we must follow the spirit because we never would have met Jerson and the Ramirez family if we would have just passed on by! We actually passed him because we were on our way somewhere but I felt like we should go back. Listen to the spirit!

We also went and delivered firewood to some older ladies in the ward who dont have the ability to buy wood. That was fun.

The coolest service project we did was going to an old folks home with some of the sister from the relief society and we gave them dinner. It was great. The relief society ladies here are awesome!

We were able to teach several investigators...Miguel is awesome and he is progressing and in a lesson this week he told me "I for sure want to get baptized. In the mormon church." It's so cool watching the spirit in him. We are working with several incomplete families. Especially the nonmember spouses of active members. We are going to have some miracles happen this week.

This week I had a crazy experience one night right before bed. I was praying for converts and thinking about my last area, Villa Obispo...and I cant believe how much I love everyone there. I miss them so much and I dont like thinking that I wont be able to spend much time with them ever again. It makes me really sad. I know that President Martinez will allow me to go visit them in Villa Obispo and the people in Labranza and Bio Bio and Independencia and Santa Barbara before I return home...but it will be so hard to leave them. I never thought before I came here that I could make such amazing friends. Anyway, I am trying not to think too much about anyone else except for the people who are in this area.
I love the mission! And I am so grateful for modern technology....SKYPE!!!

Tender Mercy- The tender mercy of the week is how the Lord helped me this week be excited. Sometimes I feel like me and my companion are literally the only people in this whole area of tens of thousands of people who are excited and anxious to serve and do good. I know it's probably not true but sometimes it feels like it walking down the street looking at everyone like zombies. Satan is trying his best to make people miserable! Let's be happy!!!
The other tender mercy is going to the old folks home. Those older people arent treated very good at this certain home....it's actually almost been shut down for mistreating of elderly people and we could why when we went. Several of the older men started crying when we were there and they looked at us so grateful for what we do..they also looked very sad and painfully.

I love you all, hope you enjoy the vacation!!!
Elder Gomez

-old folks home
-zone leaders council....bowling with Elder Boman, Elder Laird, and President Martinez

Sorry...I've been bad at taking pictures in this area.

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