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Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Happy Summer!

June 5, 2012
Hey everyone, how are you all? How is your summer? I cant believe that the school year already passed by! That makes two school years that have passed for me!
Sorry I wasnt able to write yesterday...we were at a zone leader meeting in Concepcion. They always get planned on p-day so we have to email another day. 
This week has bee really good. 
First off, I found out some more news from Villa Obispo. Apparently Nicol 20, the recent convert who was baptized in February, I dont know if you all remember, anyway, she was called to be the teacher of the gospel principles class!!!! :) :) :) Just the other month she was a new student in the class, and now she is teaching the class! I love the gospel. I also am really grateful for the bishopric in Villa Obispo who seek revelation when they extend callings, and they really listen for the spirit to testify who should take which calling. I know that Nicol is prepared for it and that she will be a great teacher! It makes me so happy! "My joy is full"

This week we continued with all of the rain, it was great. Ha ha. Even with the wetness we were able to accomplish many good things. We are, afterall, on the Lord´s errand on the Lord´s time and He helps us everyday. Not to mention all of your awesome prayers help! 
We found Miguel this week. He was a referral from a member. She rents her upstairs and there is a 27 year-old man named Miguel renting it. My companion, Elder Laird, and Elder Strait (my old companion, who is now an assistant to Presidente Martinez) went to visit him for the first time and they told us in the nighttime when we met back up that they had one of the best lessons they've ever had! Apparently the spirit was very strong and he is just awesome. They talked about the atonement and the faith, repentance, and baptism, and he commited to be baptized this month. A couple days later me and Elder Laird went by to teach him and we taught him about the Book of Mormon and the Holy Ghost and the Sabbath Day and also about the restoration. He really is amazing and in the lesson the Spirit was so strong that he was receiving all of this understanding and answers to his questions. It was great. I know that the Holy Ghost truly teaches us all things and reminds us of all things (John 14:26) It was happening in this lesson! He commited to go to church and read the Book of Mormon and on Sunday morning we went to pick him up and he was completely ready and he came with us and he loved church! Now I want to share a little bit about what happened at church.
First of all, we must understand that on Saturday, this ward, Catrihuala, went to the temple. They have 2 temple trips every year and it takes 8-10 hours to get to Santiago from here. There were actually lots more than usual who went this time....more than 50. Anyway, it being fast Sunday, tons of members wanted to share their testimony in Sacrament meeting. I dont know if I have ever been to a sacrament meeting so powerful! It was amazing. I have never seen so many people so anxious to share their testimonies either. One member in specific, Marcos, who was baptized a year ago, and whose wife was already a member, was able to be sealed to his wife, Mabel, and his two sons, one of which has mental problems, for time and all eternity! He stood up to bear his testimony and it was amazing. He had been attending church for more than 20 years now but never got baptized. Finally he did it and he is one of the best members there is! He is the Elders quorum president. He was so emotional when he got up there. He just shared a few short feelings of what he felt when he was in the temple with his family. It was powerful. Other youth shared their testimonies about the temple as well...many of which have been struggling a lot in their lives or who have had questions lately. They all testified of the revelation that they received in the temple and shared their feelings as well. Their testimonies were so powerful! I keep saying powerful because that is literally what I felt in the meeting. The ward was filled with light and power. I realized that all of the blessings from the temple that are promised to us in D&C 109 are real...I could see first hand that all of the members were endowed with power. Some of the families who went were struggling a lot too...but now their problems arent big...they are resolvable. I know that the light that we have is real...well, the light that we CAN have, if we are living worthy of it. In D&C 88:67-68Mosiah 13:5D&C 115:5, andMatthew 5:14-16 it talks about this light. 

I hope you all back in Utah of you who are closer than 10 hours away from a temple are really really grateful for the opportunity that you have to have a house of God so close to your house. Not everyone has that blessing. I am so grateful that the faithful members here will have the privelege of having a temple in Concepcion in the next year of so...being only 4 hours away. Appreciate your temples! Attend regularly! Pray for further understanding!

We have a goal as missionaries in my zone that we are going to get to know everyone's names in the ward. Christ knows us all by name, should we not do the same with others? Hopefully all of you back home decide to get to know EVERY SINGLE member in the whole ward! That starts with knowing their name and the basics. We are excited to put it into practice.

My tender mercy is a good one! So, as we were hurrying on Sunday to be able to make the bus to go to Concepcion, I lost my wallet. I figured that it might have been left in a taxi that we took at one point, or in the house, or on the mini bus on the way to the terminal. Anyway, it was lost. I called the other missionaries who live with us who confirmed that it wasnt in our house. Two sister missionaries also traveled up to Concepcion with a group of us zone leaders, and when one of the sisters, Sister Miller, overheard me talking to my companion about my wallet she suggested that I pray. I probably would have remembered to pray anyway in a few more minutes, but it was cool that she told me, because I did pray and about two hours later, on the bus on the way to Concepcion, I got a call from the other two missionaries who we live with saying that a member in our ward had found a wallet in a taxi that belonged to one of us. It was safe and sound with a member of the church. What a MIRACLE! I dont think the member is active in the church...let's do the math here, I lose my wallet in a taxi in a city of almost 300,000 people, which is full of taxis and buses and people, and only two hours later it's in the house of a member of the church. What are the chances that a member would get in that exact taxi? What are the chances that the member lived in our ward? Coincedence? I dont think so. It's not every day you lose your wallet. I told the Sister who reminded me to pray and it was cool for her to hear it because she was the one who reminded me to pray. 
Another cool thing is that for having lost my wallet, I was very very calm. I didnt ever think for one minute that I would never see it again. For some reason, I had a certainty that it would be fine and I would see it soon. I think that was the Holy Ghost. This is my tender mercy of the week!

I love you all, thanks for everything you do for me!
Are you all doing your daily prayers and scripture study, personally and with the family? If not, will you start doing them today?

Love you, Elder Gomez

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