Elder Dallin Dean Gomez

Saturday, July 28, 2012

If we just live His Gospel

Hola hola hola, 

HAPPY BIRTHDAY SIERA!!!!!!!!!!(On Wednesday)
How is everyone doing this week? 
This week we were able to travel through the mission for zone conferences, where we shared a message and a presentation about goals. It was good. Me and Elder Strait felt really good when we were planning and preparing it and it turned out pretty good. We talked about goals and their importance...also about how goals help us make every day decisions. We related it all to Ammon. When Ammon was converted and went unto King Lamoni, Lamoni liked him and he wanted him to stay and take one of his daughters for wife BUT because he had set specific goals, he was able to say right away, "NO, but I will be thy servant." Imagine...I am guessing that if she was the daughter of a king she was pretty beautiful! He was so converted and he had a desire in mind, that all other things were unimportant to him. He desired the salvation of his bretheren, the Lamanites. Because of that desire, he was able to accomplish amazing things. 
Hey, sorry I wasnt able to write more, we had an emergency and I dont have time. This weekend are the transfers, so we got all of those taken care of. 
Tender Mercy- The peace and happiness that God wants us to have!!! If we just live his Gospel.

Love you all, till next week, 
Elder Gomez

Sunday, July 22, 2012

In Concepcion

July 21, 2012 
Hey everyone! How are you all doing? First of all, I have to thank Tali for the LETTER...she'll understand what I mean. All of the other missionaries who I was with got a kick out of it. 
Since Monday things have been good. I have been getting to know things here and it's been a good experience. We havent had much time to work in our sector. We had a little bit of time on two of the days and we were able to do some really good contacts. I left for about an hour and a half with Elder Nelson, a missionary who was ending his mission the next day, while Elder Strait left with Elder Tanner, who also ended his mission the next day. Elder Nelson is actually from the same ward as the Puente family (our cousins) We were able to teach several lessons in that hour and a half and we found one person in the street, Javiera, who has come to church several times before in the past and she wants to get baptized. She said she wanted to in the past but it never was able to happen, but this time she wants to for sure. She has sins that are causing her a lot of grief and pain and she wants to be clean and free of her sins. We are going to pass by tonight actually when her whole family is home and hopefully they all want to take this step with her. 

The other time we were able to go to our area was good too. We were able to go to an appointment with Paula. Her son was baptized this last Saturday and she was GOING to be baptized with him...but she didnt do it for certain reasons that werent very clear...afterward we found out that it's because she still hadnt forgiven herself for her past sins. She knows the gospel is true and the restoration is true. She's now doing a lot better. In the lesson with her the spirit was there strongly. She KNOWS she is going to get baptized and she KNOWS the gospel is true...but she still is just a little insecure, or scared...she doesnt know why either. I think she is waiting for some big giant sign to come and whack her in the face for something. All of the sudden when there was a silence for a few seconds something came strongly to my mind...that just because we are scared sometimes doesnt mean that what we're going to do isnt right....for example..it's fine if we have a little fear before we do things....even Jesus Christ had some fear before he sacrificed himself for us. He said "O my Father, if it be possible, let this cup pass from me" (Matt. 26:39) and before I came on my mission I had a little bit of fear. I think before anybody takes a big important decision that they cant go back on they have a little bit of fear....but the important part was what Jesus said after- "nevertheless not as I will, but as thou wilt." 
After all three of us missionaries who were there bore our testimonies and afterward Paola felt better and she will be baptized soon.
Other than those experiences, we have been able to meet with Presidente Martinez several times, we took two missionaries who ended their missions to the hotel and to the airport and we were there for the whole process of leaving. It was neat because they are both missionaries who are EXCELLENT...they returned with honor which is awesome! Also, we were able to meet again with all of the new missionaries and trainers who are in the process of training...it was good. It's cool to see how they have changed in the last month. They have strengthened their testimonies a ton and they are more confident in the Lord. I love this work!!!
Well...I will let all of you go now. 

Tender Mercy- This tender mercy came from this morning...we were in the grocery store and I was buying milk and I turn around to see my companion, Elder Strait, looking REALLY excited playing soccer in the isle with a 5 or 6 year-old boy with down syndrome. The little boy looked sooo happy! ha ha. 

I love you all, bye bye
Elder Gomez

-Me and Elder Strait with President and the two missionaries who are leaving, Elder Tanner on the left...he ended as an assistant to president, and Elder Nelson on the right, he is in Sandra and Roberto's ward in San Antonio.
-Me and Elder Tanner

Tuesday, July 17, 2012


July 17, 2012 
Hey everyone, I cant write right, but I sent all of the owed pictures. I am now with Elder Strait again!! Until I finish the mission! I am working in the office and in Hualpencillo, an area next to my old area, Bio Bio. I am really grateful for the opportunity to work with President Martinez even more now. He is one of the best men I know....he is completely inspired to preside this mission. 
The traveling assignment with Elder Morales was awesome. We are sad to already be separating. He is going to be with Elder Rasmussen now, another awesome missionary. Miracles happened every day of these companionship interchanges and I know that Jesus Christ lives! The mission has taken a huge step up and is more obedient and better in all aspects. As a mission, we are going to accomplish a goal this month of July that the mission hasnt seen for years. We are STOKED! 
Dad, when I saw you in the airport and you gave me sunglasses, I didnt know what I was going to do with them...but now I will be driving so I will make good use of them!
I love you all. Sorry I cant tell you anything that happened this week....it was amazing.
Tender Mercy- The Lord literally will guide us in all moments IF we are worthy to have the spirit with us. I have felt his guidance strongly lately. 
I'm glad the trek was good.
Happy Birthday Naomi!
Beto and his family went through the temple today to be sealed!

Elder Gomez 

-Hno Merino, a member from Villa Obispo who was about to die. His faith has kept him alive though. He has more faith than almost anyone I have ever met! He is a fighter! He has come near to death several times now but has come out of it!
-Rony and Marcela, a golden family who are now going to GET BAPTIZED on the 28th of this month! Me and Elder Beatty were walking one day about 4 months ago and I felt like we should stop and talk to a man who was helping his son learn how to ride a bike, so we stopped, and he gave us his address and we returned and they showed up to church that week! I was able to do an interchange in Villa Obispo with Elder Tavernier and go visit them. They are doing really good!
-The Pinilla's. They are a family in Catrihuala that I was also able to visit on an interchange and they are reactivating. Me and Elder Laird passed by one day and they hadnt gone to church for 7 years, but we had a family night with them and Sister Pinilla did the lesson! They both are really excited to return to the church!
-The big man on the right was a man who we randomly stopped by to help when we saw him working in his yard. A while later we found out he was a member....and that he was a RETURNED MISSIONARY! Because of his job he has become a little inactive, but he is awesome. His dad is on the high council. He is also from Catrihuala.
-Life as a traveler. haha. Since we do interchanges every day, we never have beds. I like sleeping on the floor though because it's like camping and I havent been camping forEVER!
-Two missionaries who we did interchanges with. It was a really good day. Elder Contreras, the one who looks Mexican, is from Dina and Ruby's ward. He is a recent convert.
-Baptism of Ana, Soledad's mom. (Soledad is a convert from Villa Obispo) Me and Elder Strait found here 5 or 6 months ago and finally she has taken this step! She is so sweet. She is one of the best people I know. 
-Ana baptism, with Brother Quezada, an amazing member from Villa Obispo
-With Ex- Elder Filamita. He served in this mission about 8 months ago. He is awesome and he came back from Argentina to visit the areas he was in. We randomly found him downtown.
-Baptism of Bladimir, the 17 year old who is awesome. He was a little stubborn, but me and my companion, Elder Morales, helped the sisters set a baptismal date with him. Sister Alvarez and Sister Diehl are awesome. They are the missionaries who taught him.
-Bladimir again with us. His mom is really catholic and she didnt want him to get baptized....but during the baptism she had a CHANGE OF HEART! During the actual ordinance, she started bawling because she was filled with the Spirit and happiness. Bladimir was really happy too. By the time the baptism finished she said that she would like to get baptized too. It was amazing. I know that D&C 84:20 is TRUUUEEEE.
-Good street sign. I didnt mean to pose looking like I have to go to the bathroom! 
-Elder Morales under the good sign.
-Antonio, an investigator of other sisters in the mission, who is finally going to get baptized this Saturday...he actually almost wanted to wait more time for some reasons and let his wife, Angelina, get baptized alone, but we helped him feel the need to do it with her. He is amazing. He has gone to church for 2 years now! We learned the process of cutting up a pig. 
-Elder Morales kissed the pig that was dead on the table. Ewwww You can tell that all of the girls loved it!
-Here are all of us...Pte Martinez, Elder Strait, Elder Tanner, me, Elder Morales, and Elder Rasmussen

Monday, July 9, 2012

another week flew by...

Hey family, 

This week was good. There were so many miracles that happened this week. 
I continue traveling around the mission as an assistant to the mission president and I have had the opportunity to work with many different missionaries in many different areas. It's a little sad for me that I dont have any investigators to tell you about of our own...because we dont have an area, but it's OK, because I can tell you about many investigators now from many different areas. In all of the areas we focused on finding/teaching families. We prayed to the Lord and relied on His help to find new families and people who are prepared to receive the gospel, and also teach those people who the missionaries already had, and help them prepare to make the baptismal covenant.
Me and the companions I was with this week were able to set baptismal dates with 5 diffent families and several individuals in between. We are very excited. The missionaries are gaining the vision to baptize and they are unterstanding more and more the doctrine of Christ and the doctrine of repentance. I have grown so much in the last few weeks. I know that this is the work of the Lord. It has been a huge opportunity to serve in this special assignment. There are tons of missionaries who are very young, so we are preparing the next generation of leaders. 

I honestly dont have very much time to write at all, which I feel bad for...and even lamer, I forgot my agenda and my journal, so I cant remember everything that I wanted to write to you. Let's just say that I gained a really strong testimony that the field is WHITE already to HARVEST!....It's not brown all ready to plant seeds. It's ready to harvest. All we have to do is thrust in our sickle with our might! 
I invite you all back at home that you can invite your friends to learn more about the gospel or to talk to the missionaries. Invite them to firesides, to temple square. ..you dont even REALIZE the AMAZING BLESSING it is to have so many temples..especially the SALT LAKE TEMPLE so close! I havent seen a temple for almost two years now. Invite your friends to chuch! Share mormon messages with them on facebook. Share with them what is most precious to you in your life. Share with them WHY you are always happy. Dont let the opportunities to share the gospel pass by. READ THE SCRIPTURES EVERY DAY! It is so important. If you dont, you have just taken your hands off of the Iron Rod! Dont let it happen. And for all of you who have let it happen...grab hold again. Repent of your sins....even the little ones. I know that all of these things are important because I have received the blessings from obeying them.....and I have suffered the consequences from not obeying them. 
I love you all!

Tender Mercy- this morning I was on a bus to Los Angeles....and I started talking to the lady sitting next to me. Her name is Elsa. We talked for a few minutes about the gospel of Jesus Christ. It turns out that she has a lot of guilt in her life that doesnt leave her alone. It's a spiritual and mental block and she is sick of carrying these unnecessary burdens. I taught her about the blessings of redemption from sin and the reception of the Holy Ghost through baptism by water and then by fire. I invited her to repent and prepare to be baptized and she accepted. She accepted to be baptized on he best day of the entire year (August 4th) I know that there are people all over who are ready to get baptized to be happy in their lives. To be freed from sin!

I have learned so much in the last little while about what exactly it means to be a representative of Jesus Christ. What it means to preach the gospel. The mission as a whole hadnt been doing very good for a while....but in the last few weeks...especially this week, the mission has achieved success that it hasnt had for years!! Me and my companion, Elder Morales, are humbled for the opportunity to serve in this position and help the mission advance!!! My companion is a convert as of two and a half years. He had a conversion that wasnt far off from the sons of Mosiah and Alma the younger....he has left many addictions, left a completely different lifestyle, and has become a man of God....who is full of the Holy Ghost. I'm just a kid from Lake Point, Utah (the best town in the world) It's been great being together. 
President Martinez has been really happy with the work we've been doing with the areas and missionaries in the mission. Tomorrow we will be with him in a zone that has been struggling quite a bit, Victoria. 
Well, bye bye for now! I hope the trek is going well, 
I hope everyone had a GREAT FOURTH OF JULY!!!! Happy birthday GRANDPA, GRANDMA, ABUELITO, Y ABUELITA this month!!!! (ALL for in July :D) 

Love you all, 
Elder Gomez

ps--i am really sorry about the pictures...today I was going to send them but I dont have my camera with me!! Next week hopefully.

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Sorry short letter!

Hey everyone,
I dont have time to write this week because we had a leadership meeting, but just know that I am doing GREAT and I am having a great time traveling around the mission helping out all of the missionaries and helping all of the investigators. I have had the opportunity to do many companionship interchanges and I have seen many really miracles happen. 
-Maria Christina...she has investigated the church for over a year in an area where there are sister missionaries, so she has never been able to receive priesthood blessings....she is paralytic ....we gave her a priesthood blessing and RIGHT after the blessings for the first time in her life, she accepted the invitation to be baptized for the remission of her sins. She felt the power of God! It was incredible!

That is just one little experience of the week. 

Tender Mercy- The Lord always is so willing to bless us and pour out His blessings over us. His invitation to us is always the same... "COME UNTO ME" That's all we have to do. We can come unto him by praying, reading the scriptures, attending church, attending the temple, and serving others....and keeping the commandments. I invite you all to do those things! 
Will you do them? Please do them!
Moroni 8:3

-Elder Gomez


No time for photos again....sorry...next week hopefully!