Elder Dallin Dean Gomez

Saturday, July 28, 2012

If we just live His Gospel

Hola hola hola, 

HAPPY BIRTHDAY SIERA!!!!!!!!!!(On Wednesday)
How is everyone doing this week? 
This week we were able to travel through the mission for zone conferences, where we shared a message and a presentation about goals. It was good. Me and Elder Strait felt really good when we were planning and preparing it and it turned out pretty good. We talked about goals and their importance...also about how goals help us make every day decisions. We related it all to Ammon. When Ammon was converted and went unto King Lamoni, Lamoni liked him and he wanted him to stay and take one of his daughters for wife BUT because he had set specific goals, he was able to say right away, "NO, but I will be thy servant." Imagine...I am guessing that if she was the daughter of a king she was pretty beautiful! He was so converted and he had a desire in mind, that all other things were unimportant to him. He desired the salvation of his bretheren, the Lamanites. Because of that desire, he was able to accomplish amazing things. 
Hey, sorry I wasnt able to write more, we had an emergency and I dont have time. This weekend are the transfers, so we got all of those taken care of. 
Tender Mercy- The peace and happiness that God wants us to have!!! If we just live his Gospel.

Love you all, till next week, 
Elder Gomez

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