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Tuesday, July 17, 2012


July 17, 2012 
Hey everyone, I cant write right, but I sent all of the owed pictures. I am now with Elder Strait again!! Until I finish the mission! I am working in the office and in Hualpencillo, an area next to my old area, Bio Bio. I am really grateful for the opportunity to work with President Martinez even more now. He is one of the best men I know....he is completely inspired to preside this mission. 
The traveling assignment with Elder Morales was awesome. We are sad to already be separating. He is going to be with Elder Rasmussen now, another awesome missionary. Miracles happened every day of these companionship interchanges and I know that Jesus Christ lives! The mission has taken a huge step up and is more obedient and better in all aspects. As a mission, we are going to accomplish a goal this month of July that the mission hasnt seen for years. We are STOKED! 
Dad, when I saw you in the airport and you gave me sunglasses, I didnt know what I was going to do with them...but now I will be driving so I will make good use of them!
I love you all. Sorry I cant tell you anything that happened this week....it was amazing.
Tender Mercy- The Lord literally will guide us in all moments IF we are worthy to have the spirit with us. I have felt his guidance strongly lately. 
I'm glad the trek was good.
Happy Birthday Naomi!
Beto and his family went through the temple today to be sealed!

Elder Gomez 

-Hno Merino, a member from Villa Obispo who was about to die. His faith has kept him alive though. He has more faith than almost anyone I have ever met! He is a fighter! He has come near to death several times now but has come out of it!
-Rony and Marcela, a golden family who are now going to GET BAPTIZED on the 28th of this month! Me and Elder Beatty were walking one day about 4 months ago and I felt like we should stop and talk to a man who was helping his son learn how to ride a bike, so we stopped, and he gave us his address and we returned and they showed up to church that week! I was able to do an interchange in Villa Obispo with Elder Tavernier and go visit them. They are doing really good!
-The Pinilla's. They are a family in Catrihuala that I was also able to visit on an interchange and they are reactivating. Me and Elder Laird passed by one day and they hadnt gone to church for 7 years, but we had a family night with them and Sister Pinilla did the lesson! They both are really excited to return to the church!
-The big man on the right was a man who we randomly stopped by to help when we saw him working in his yard. A while later we found out he was a member....and that he was a RETURNED MISSIONARY! Because of his job he has become a little inactive, but he is awesome. His dad is on the high council. He is also from Catrihuala.
-Life as a traveler. haha. Since we do interchanges every day, we never have beds. I like sleeping on the floor though because it's like camping and I havent been camping forEVER!
-Two missionaries who we did interchanges with. It was a really good day. Elder Contreras, the one who looks Mexican, is from Dina and Ruby's ward. He is a recent convert.
-Baptism of Ana, Soledad's mom. (Soledad is a convert from Villa Obispo) Me and Elder Strait found here 5 or 6 months ago and finally she has taken this step! She is so sweet. She is one of the best people I know. 
-Ana baptism, with Brother Quezada, an amazing member from Villa Obispo
-With Ex- Elder Filamita. He served in this mission about 8 months ago. He is awesome and he came back from Argentina to visit the areas he was in. We randomly found him downtown.
-Baptism of Bladimir, the 17 year old who is awesome. He was a little stubborn, but me and my companion, Elder Morales, helped the sisters set a baptismal date with him. Sister Alvarez and Sister Diehl are awesome. They are the missionaries who taught him.
-Bladimir again with us. His mom is really catholic and she didnt want him to get baptized....but during the baptism she had a CHANGE OF HEART! During the actual ordinance, she started bawling because she was filled with the Spirit and happiness. Bladimir was really happy too. By the time the baptism finished she said that she would like to get baptized too. It was amazing. I know that D&C 84:20 is TRUUUEEEE.
-Good street sign. I didnt mean to pose looking like I have to go to the bathroom! 
-Elder Morales under the good sign.
-Antonio, an investigator of other sisters in the mission, who is finally going to get baptized this Saturday...he actually almost wanted to wait more time for some reasons and let his wife, Angelina, get baptized alone, but we helped him feel the need to do it with her. He is amazing. He has gone to church for 2 years now! We learned the process of cutting up a pig. 
-Elder Morales kissed the pig that was dead on the table. Ewwww You can tell that all of the girls loved it!
-Here are all of us...Pte Martinez, Elder Strait, Elder Tanner, me, Elder Morales, and Elder Rasmussen

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  1. I got an e-mail from my BFF (yeah, we're old, and yeah she's on a mission, whatever) who just got to Dallin's mission and she loves him! I'm so glad they can be friends!