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Sunday, July 22, 2012

In Concepcion

July 21, 2012 
Hey everyone! How are you all doing? First of all, I have to thank Tali for the LETTER...she'll understand what I mean. All of the other missionaries who I was with got a kick out of it. 
Since Monday things have been good. I have been getting to know things here and it's been a good experience. We havent had much time to work in our sector. We had a little bit of time on two of the days and we were able to do some really good contacts. I left for about an hour and a half with Elder Nelson, a missionary who was ending his mission the next day, while Elder Strait left with Elder Tanner, who also ended his mission the next day. Elder Nelson is actually from the same ward as the Puente family (our cousins) We were able to teach several lessons in that hour and a half and we found one person in the street, Javiera, who has come to church several times before in the past and she wants to get baptized. She said she wanted to in the past but it never was able to happen, but this time she wants to for sure. She has sins that are causing her a lot of grief and pain and she wants to be clean and free of her sins. We are going to pass by tonight actually when her whole family is home and hopefully they all want to take this step with her. 

The other time we were able to go to our area was good too. We were able to go to an appointment with Paula. Her son was baptized this last Saturday and she was GOING to be baptized with him...but she didnt do it for certain reasons that werent very clear...afterward we found out that it's because she still hadnt forgiven herself for her past sins. She knows the gospel is true and the restoration is true. She's now doing a lot better. In the lesson with her the spirit was there strongly. She KNOWS she is going to get baptized and she KNOWS the gospel is true...but she still is just a little insecure, or scared...she doesnt know why either. I think she is waiting for some big giant sign to come and whack her in the face for something. All of the sudden when there was a silence for a few seconds something came strongly to my mind...that just because we are scared sometimes doesnt mean that what we're going to do isnt right....for example..it's fine if we have a little fear before we do things....even Jesus Christ had some fear before he sacrificed himself for us. He said "O my Father, if it be possible, let this cup pass from me" (Matt. 26:39) and before I came on my mission I had a little bit of fear. I think before anybody takes a big important decision that they cant go back on they have a little bit of fear....but the important part was what Jesus said after- "nevertheless not as I will, but as thou wilt." 
After all three of us missionaries who were there bore our testimonies and afterward Paola felt better and she will be baptized soon.
Other than those experiences, we have been able to meet with Presidente Martinez several times, we took two missionaries who ended their missions to the hotel and to the airport and we were there for the whole process of leaving. It was neat because they are both missionaries who are EXCELLENT...they returned with honor which is awesome! Also, we were able to meet again with all of the new missionaries and trainers who are in the process of training...it was good. It's cool to see how they have changed in the last month. They have strengthened their testimonies a ton and they are more confident in the Lord. I love this work!!!
Well...I will let all of you go now. 

Tender Mercy- This tender mercy came from this morning...we were in the grocery store and I was buying milk and I turn around to see my companion, Elder Strait, looking REALLY excited playing soccer in the isle with a 5 or 6 year-old boy with down syndrome. The little boy looked sooo happy! ha ha. 

I love you all, bye bye
Elder Gomez

-Me and Elder Strait with President and the two missionaries who are leaving, Elder Tanner on the left...he ended as an assistant to president, and Elder Nelson on the right, he is in Sandra and Roberto's ward in San Antonio.
-Me and Elder Tanner

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