Elder Dallin Dean Gomez

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Sorry short letter!

Hey everyone,
I dont have time to write this week because we had a leadership meeting, but just know that I am doing GREAT and I am having a great time traveling around the mission helping out all of the missionaries and helping all of the investigators. I have had the opportunity to do many companionship interchanges and I have seen many really miracles happen. 
-Maria Christina...she has investigated the church for over a year in an area where there are sister missionaries, so she has never been able to receive priesthood blessings....she is paralytic ....we gave her a priesthood blessing and RIGHT after the blessings for the first time in her life, she accepted the invitation to be baptized for the remission of her sins. She felt the power of God! It was incredible!

That is just one little experience of the week. 

Tender Mercy- The Lord always is so willing to bless us and pour out His blessings over us. His invitation to us is always the same... "COME UNTO ME" That's all we have to do. We can come unto him by praying, reading the scriptures, attending church, attending the temple, and serving others....and keeping the commandments. I invite you all to do those things! 
Will you do them? Please do them!
Moroni 8:3

-Elder Gomez


No time for photos again....sorry...next week hopefully! 

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